Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen – 07


First of all, Rurutie really lets her hair down this week as she plies a bookstore for BL literature, showing Atui an entirely different Rurutie than the one she’s accustomed to. She even meets her most beloved author. Say, he looks a bit like Haku, no?

From there, talk comes down of a ceremony in which the imperial princess will finally be revealed to the public. And as soon as I saw a new face, I figured she was that very un-revealed princess, hiding in plain sight.


The only problem for her is, while no one knows who she is, she comes off as a haughty highborn girl, reading and taking whatever BL lands in her lap, eating whatever lovingly prepared desserts are lying around, and generally making a big mess with the expectation someone else will clean it up.

Absent the crucial piece of information that she’s royalty, Kuon treats her like she’d treat anyone who scarfed down her kunyui: with barely masked contempt and an intent to do bodily harm. The threat of punishment scares the girl off, and a lively chase ensues.


That’s broken up rather quickly by the silver-haired Munechika, who proceeds to paint the girl’s back door red, showing everyone why the mention of punishment spooked her so. The next day, to Kuon and Haku and everyone else’s surprise, the girl who menaced their headquarters is revealed as the imperial princess, Anju. Though frankly, her upper-crust behavior and lofty manner of speaking should have tipped them off. In all, a not unpleasant, if predictable, little episode.


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3 thoughts on “Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen – 07”

  1. While definitely the weakest episode so far, with that ending it seems we’re finally moving past the introduction of characters and moving onto the tense parts of things. If there’s one thing that this episode worked for, it was establishing that Anju isn’t exactly the most exemplary heir to the empire around, and that, combined with Karura and Touka’s reason to be there, brings up some really interesting things.
    Trying to keep things as vague as possible in case you want to watch part 1 at some point, they’ve witnessed a similar combination of events with a country called Kunnekamun, and that didn’t exactly end well.
    With the generals being introduced (one of them looking like that BL author, pretty sure that’s him), there could be some tension there. Specifically with that one general that terrified Haku, I think Vurai was his name. Things could head in a very interesting direction from this point on, and I’m excited with the potential this has.

  2. The introduction of BL porn as a normalised part of the culture of the capital was an unexpected turn and gave this episode a slightly off kilter feel which seems incongruous for this world as it has developed so far. Still, was a it was a serviceable episode with the Princess causing havoc where she went.,

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