Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – 06


Perhaps energized by their new status as lovers, Stella and Ikki dispatch their opponents with ease in their respective selection matches. Stella still has to deal with Shizuku glomming onto Ikki, and Ikki has yet to set his sister straight (perhaps because he doesn’t realize the extent to which she likes him), but there’s a new problem: Ikki has a stalker girl!


Thankfully, she’s not a stalker, she’s just bad at looking at or talking to men. She’s Ayatsuji Ayase, the daughter of a famous swordsman who Ikki worships and whos style he knows of. Ayase has a good reason for coming to Ikki: having seen what he can do in the matches, she wants to train with him to get her out of her rut. If this sounds a lot like Kirin and Ayato training in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, well, I’m with you in my continued astonishment by how often the shows echo one another.

In this case, since Ayase is older and a third-year, she’s not the Little Sister-type like Kirin, but rather the (slightly) Older Woman-type. Despite her mentioning her discomfort with men, Ikki gets right down to business putting his hands up and down her legs in order to adjust her stance. Stella and Shizuku are mortified, Ayase is embarrased and beet-red, but Ikki is very clinical about the whole thing, and doesn’t once express arousal by what he’s doing.

And dagnabbit, his adjustments pay instant dividends for Ayase’s fighting style. Her attempts to exactly copy her father, someone of the opposite sex, was what was holding her back. She needs to capitalize on the strengths her female body to improve.


Ayase is amazed by her improvement and ebullient in her gratitude, to the point of possibly coming off as romantically interested in Ikki, despite him having no idea or desire for such a thing. Stella asks Shizuku if she’s okay with this, but it’s a question that could just as easily be asked of her. That’s when Shizuku states that as long as the person Ikki is with makes him happy and never betrays him, she’ll be okay with it.

Of course, Shizuku’s not talking about Ayase, but Stella. Only problem is, Shizuku still thinks she’s the best woman for the job, despite being his sister. Ikki, however, is a lot more certain. He touched Ayase as a doctor or therapist would; that’s it. Stella is the only girl he likes. And if she wants his hand and a kiss in the middle of the night, she—and only she—gets them. And she’d probably get more, if she asked.


With that fact reiterated, Stella joins Ikki in training Ayase, who treats them to dinner to thank them. That’s when the subject of why she needs to get stronger and become a Seven Star finalist. One big reason might be the guy who walks into the restaurant (Wagnaria?) with his entourage of floozies and toadies: Karaudo, who picks on Ayase, then bashes Ikki’s head with a bottle and spits in his face when Ikki comes to her defense.

Stella wants to jack Karaudo up, but Ikki stops her, and does nothing to retaliate himself, leaving Karaudo free to take off with his posse in a cloud of insults at what a cowardly punk he is. But even if Ikki wanted to fight back, to do so would probably get him expelled, so he endures. I mean, his life isn’t all that bad; he has a badass live-in girlfriend, a cute sister, and a beautiful training partner. And Alice! Enduring a little bullying is a small price to pay, right?


A couple of student council members were watching the whole thing, just waiting for Ikki to make a move, then commending him for not. The whole incident leads Ikki and Stella to want to know what’s going on with Ayase and those douchebags. But before she can tell them, she and Ikki get simultaneous texts: they’ll be fighting each other in the next selection match. That’s…unlucky.

Now Ikki is in a tough spot: he promised he’d help Ayase become stronger, but Ayase only wants to become stronger to progress in the Seven Star Battle; if he beats her, it will ruin her. But he also promised Stella they’d be the last two fighters standing, and that promise must take precedence.

After briefly consulting with Alice (a nice scene between the two that shows how good an adviser Alice is with everyone, not just Shizuku), Ikki decides to accept Ayase’s ominous rooftop invitation, where she stands wearing a kimono and an enigmatic grin. If her goals are as important as they seem to be, and Ikki is in her way, this could be the beginning of the end of their friendship, which despite having just begun this week, still feels like a loss I’d lament.


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Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. Interestingly enough, the opening for this episode was changed from having Ikki fight Shizuya to fighting Kurado so I’m guessing the opening is going to change after every major fight. Overall, this episode realigned itself with the light novel, but I think I would have preferred Ayase appearing last episode instead of moving all of her lines onto Kagami the reporter. I also don’t get why both the light novel and the anime are trying to portray the student council as evil when Renren and Utakata have the least intimidating character designs ever (high school student that looks like a kid and the over energetic girl that always wears her gym uniform), especially when Kurado is clearly the big baddie.

    1. Honestly the student council members left almost no impression on me whatsoever, just I didn’t really give a thought to Ayase when she poked her head in last week. That said, while compressing all of the Ayase introduction into this episode was a risky choice, I preferred it to having it intrude on the very good romantic development between Ikki and Stella last week.

      Also, Ikki not fighting Kuraudo, not just because of the risk of expulsion, but because he sensed Kuraudo might actually be pretty damn strong, unlike the guys who talked tough but quickly crumbled when Ikki took them on and then became his students. Here’s hoping Kura’s bite is just as bad as his bark.

  2. Shizuku hardly appears in the source novel corresponding to this arc. Her increased appearances here, and her overt flirting with Ikki are anime-original. Likely this is to gain the attention of the core viewers back in Japan.

    1. That’s disappointing. I don’t mind Ikki’s sister being present, loving, and protective of her brother (who’d been the family pariah his entire life), and I don’t mind Touyama Nao either (though IMO she fares better cast against type as Claudia in Asterisk)

      But seriously in love with him? That’s gotten old really fast.

      I understand why she didn’t, but I now wish Alice had simply told her to give up on Ikki earlier.

      1. With you completely on this. It’s highly unfortunate to know that they’ve increased her presence here. Though I’m not surprised. Some of the differences back in episode 2 between this and the manga (and I assume the LN, which I have not read) show that the production staff doesn’t COMPLETELY get the selling point of this material.

        While they definitely understand that Ikki x Stella and their relationship is the core draw, they can’t seem to wrap their minds around the fact that random harem tropes and their LACK here is also part of it. So they put Stella’s top falling off and her slapping him into 2 and now they’ve increased the time of the incestuous brocon imouto because ‘everyone loves that, right?’

        I think overall this has been a good series and a good adaptation, but sadly it just seems the staff is intent on it being just that little bit more cliche and ‘harem-lite’ than the source material.

  3. Well the imouto incest gags continue to grate. Seemingly Ikki has a new harem member in Ayase but if the pre-yandere smile she gives him on the roof top is anything to go by, she won’t be one for long. Will she alone up there or has she brought her nasty friends along with her? (I bet she has). Apart from that this was a pretty standard Radukai episode, with a little extra fan service thrown in. I guess next week will have more action with Ikki having to face off to Ayase and whoever is on the roof with her. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

    1. Just to add, the few brief Stella-Ikki moments saved this episode. Stella had little to do in it beside, apart from responding to repetitive imouto jokes.

      So far Shizuka contributes little to the series, apart from being a rather mono-dimensional and annoying imouto stereotype. Generally I don’t read manga or light novels and treat anime as a stand alone art form with its own dynamics, which can reference it’s source material but has no need to copy it. However, from what I’m reading here, there is less Shizuka in the source material. I would have been happy if this time the producers had followed the source material closer.

      Alice continues to be a positive support for Ikki and his comment that Ikki should be prepared to lose Ayase as a friend looks like it is a pointer to what is to come next episode.

      I did like it when Karaudo’s sidekicks are boasting about Ikki’s weakness, Karaudo is a lot more contemplative and perhaps aware that there is an inner resolve in Ikki that brings with it considerable strength and prowess.


      1. I tend to assume Ikki will bring her around. That’s kind of his thing, he forces the rather corrupt setting around him to change simply by force of sheer personal nobility. Which is a bit marty stu-ish, but he’s so likable and earnest about it that I can get behind it.

        And I mentioned my thoughts on Shizuka above so I won’t repeat all that here, but suffice to say I’m with you 110%. It’s really frustrating to have the incest imouto stereotype (one of the more disturbing Japanese fetishes/stereotypes to begin with) running around here and it’s made doubly frustrating thanks to the explanation from LN readers that the staff is increasing the amount of her we have to deal with. They just can’t seem to NOT write a harem show.

    2. I do hope Ayase isn’t the real leader, with Karaudo as the front man. I’d prefer if the Ayase we saw this week was the genuine Ayase, and she’s legitimately conflicted about having to fight Ikki.

      But I’m prepared for the eventuality that she was merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing this week, who only exploited Ikki’s kindness to gather in-depth intel on his sword skills.

      I just hope that doesn’t happen, and there’s a way for Ikki to beat Ayase without losing her as a friend (If they ever were actual friends, of course).

    3. With respect to the added Shizuku scenes, I can understand why they were added even though I don’t agree with them. As I mentioned last week along with other people who read source material, most of the events in the anime were shifted around in comparison to the original. This is most likely so that each episode could make sense on its own without ending in weird spots. Due to the shifting around, a lot of Shizuku’s dialogue would not make too much sense so they had to split her dialogue up between more scenes and pad it to get full conversations.

      The best example is with respect to Ayase. In the original material, she should have shown up in the previous episode before the pool. Therefore, any of Shizuku’s dialogue had to be split between anything pool related (which happened last week) and anything Ayase related (which happened this week). Normally, Shizuku’s incest attempts slow down after she tells Stella that she can be happy for anyone that can make her brother truly happy (which only happened this episode).

      1. Frankly, at this point I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt on Shizuku. Too many people have said she will have ‘less’ scenes for too many episodes now. We’ll see. If she actually does slow down now that that line has been said, then fine, victory.

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