Comet Lucifer – 03


After plucking their host’s last straw by knocking over his perfect pot of curry, Sogo, Kaon, Felia, and the very irritatingly-voiced Moura are kicked out of the cafe, which thankfully still shows signs of the damage Moura caused. They take Felia downtown and show her the sights, and we get a very pleasant, detailed, yet wordless montage of their fun, and likely expensive, day to keep Felia entertained.


Everything is chipper until in her excitement Felia bumps into a passerby, sending her pigeon-cat cake flying. She tries to use her telekinesis to save it, but Moura startles her, and the cake is dumped on a purple-haired cafe patron, who seemed annoyed but not unreasonably angry with the incident. Turns out he’s a master hacker-terrorist who has been watching Felia for some time, and judging from his expressions and gestures in his dark office, he’s also quite unhinged in the “creepy unhinged villain” kind of way.


In order to induce as many expressions of fear and worry on his “mademoiselle” Felia (which he watches with relish on cameras, which…ew), he throws the entire city’s traffic control system into chaos, thus turning the city into a game board and the kids game pieces he moves around by controlling the ample technology around them. Even Gus and his blonde buddy aren’t immune from the disarray.


But every time the Bad Guy tries to close in on Felia, Sogo and Kaon split up and misdirect and serve as decoys to keep him off balance, until he gets angry and steps up his game, activating a spider-type mecha to pursue Kaon and Felia on a cable car. Sogo gets as high up into the air as possible and Kaon throws Soura to him, activating Soura’s mecha transformation.


Once Soura is in play, it’s Game Over for the bad guy, as his mecha is beaten back and the cable breaks. Felia uses her “force power” to give the cable car a soft landing, while the bad guy falls victim to the cable’s recoil, which gives him a reverse mohawk.

The physics (magic hoverboards and telekinesis aside, of course) were pretty solid, right up until here; such a huge cable would surely have taken off his head, if not more. Instead he gets an old-style anime villain comeuppance, even though he surely put dozens of people in the hospital with his reckless antics…all for his personal entertainment.


Even the most gorgeous sunsets of the Fall season can’t save this episode, or this show, from the inescapable fact that it is artful, attractive, and often thrilling (and thus watchable) but utterly lacking in substance, making it my Fall guilty pleasure. It’s cotton candy; empty calories with no payoff; a bunch of elaborate fun stuff that happens, and then it’s over. Sure, Alfried joins Gus’ dream team, but we just saw Alfried fail miserably to a couple of kids, so it’s not like he’s that much of a threat. He’s just an overwrought creeper.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Comet Lucifer – 03”

  1. I think everything I hated about this episode (the total randomness of everything) is all because of Alfried. I didn’t like the psycho with French catch-phrases in Tokyo Ghoul, and I certainly don’t like this guy.

  2. One thing I really don’t like about this series is that it is trying too hard to be cute and lighthearted. There is moe that I can tolerate and there is moe that I can’t, and Felia and Noura are more of the latter.

    I’ll also agree with randophilus, Alfried is downright annoying with all that psychotic villainy that came out of nowhere.

    1. “Out of nowhere” says it best. I mean, what the hell?? And the fact the whole episode was some kind of audition that convinced Gus that he’s the right man for his “team” is laughable. After all that destruction and “Lima” is still at large…somehow. Why is Gus stuck in a car anyway? Doesn’t he have a mecha he can fly around the city and capture Felia with.

      But no, Felia was cute at first, but that schtick gets old fast. Moura is worse. Her caterpillar-like design seems like something cobbled together at the last minute, and her voice is grating. And frankly, if Felia can’t handle levitating a cake, I’ve got some serious doubts about her bringing a cable car in for a soft landing.

      So yeah, it’s obviously not a great idea to turn your brain on for this show…you’re only asking for trouble! I was charmed by its production values, but I’m not sure how much longer I can stay with this. Looks like another “Pretty Dud” in the making, like Rolling Girls and Classroom Crisis.

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