Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – 03


The Stella x Ikki romance is humming along so well, Stella judges it time to ask him out on a Saturday date. Unfortunately for her, Shizuku had the same exact idea at the same time, sending a text to her bro as Stella trying to get the words out, which Ikki responds to immediately.

When Shizuku brings her roommate “Alice” (a man who identifies as a maiden), it turns into a group date, with neither Stella nor Shizuku happy about the other being there. Alice briefly flirts with Ikki as a joke, but otherwise isn’t in the running.


Typical harem date hijinx ensue, from Shizuku holding Ikki’s hand (“normal sibling behavior”), to Shizuku calling out Stella on her self-description as Ikki’s servant when she tries to get closer to him, to Ikki wiping cream off Shizuku’s cheek and eating it, then Stella covering the lower half of her face in cream in order to attract similar treatment (Ikki just gets a towel). From Shizuku’s reaction to Ikki’s cream swipe to Stella’s ham-handed counterattack, it’s clear these two are new to the seduction game. It’s a process!


But thankfully, the whole episode isn’t just a lightweight date, when the mall they’re in gets taken over by gun-wielding, hostage-taking masked goons working for a Blazer named Bisho. It happens when Ikki and Alice are in the john, and Alice hides them in the shadows using his handy shadow-manipulating device, but Stella and Shizuku are among the hostages.

No matter, they put aside their rivalry and start working to resolve the situation. Shizuku needs Stella to stay put and stay off the radar, but when the tough guys start beating an insolent mother and son, she stands up and uses her power to protect them, blowing her cover.


When Stella goes head-to-head against Bisho, his “Ring of Judgment” absorbs her strikes and fires them back at her with equal force. But he respects her courage and offers to spare the hostages if she supplicates herself…in the nude.

Not wanting any innocents hurt, she starts to strip, but before she can remove her bra, Shizuku springs into action, having prepared a water-based magical barrier that protects the hostages from bullets and allows Ikki and Alice to take out Bisho, while Stella takes out the henchmen in her undies.


They do so, and Ikki overcome’s Bisho’s weapon by simply cutting his hand off, and all’s well that ends well, with a somewhat woozy-from-exertion Ikki running to embrace Stella (who is surprised by but also happy with such a affectionate gesture. And he doesn’t hug Shizuku!)

But there’s a baddie hiding amongst the hostages too: a woman who threatens to kill another woman nearby if they don’t stand down. Fortunatly for Ikki & Co., an “ally” appears out of nowhere and basically cleans up the mess they were in, saving everyone.

That “ally”, which I put in quotes because he’s someone who seems to do such things in order to get all the credit and groupies, is Kirihara Shizuya, someone with whom Ikki has a past. Specifically, Ikki “ran away like a coward” rather than do battle with him an unspecified time ago.

Ikki tries to be cordial, but Kirihara’s barbs annoy Stella to no end. Worse, Kirihara gets a new text message: the first opponent he’ll face will be Kirihara. I doubt Ikki will be running away this time, and will have a plan to beat him.


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7 thoughts on “Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – 03”

  1. I’m pleasantly surprised with the animation from the fight scenes in the anime adaptation. I’m also surprised at how they didn’t censor the blood on Ikki’s sword. Next week the tournament starts and the show ramps up.

    1. Same here. I came in with very low expectations for the fights. Compare the fights we’d had in Rakudai so far with say, Asterisk’s. Ikki’s Ittou Shura moment had me surprised with how badass it was.

      I love how Shizuku and Stella constantly snipe at each other though. Goth loli on the attack! Shizuku’s offense is hitting Stella’s tsundere weakpoints for massive damage XD. She won’t let her make any of the usual tsundere excuses! If she were up against a normal tsundere from any other harem anime, they would work. Unfortunately for her Stella’s made of sterner stuff hahaha.

  2. …this episode near killed the series for me. I’m gonna stick with it because people say that things go down interesting roads with Ikki and Stella, but this was sad.

    I have literally watched this exact episode with minor alterations in something like 5 or six different shows/mangas.

    -try to date, turns into a group date that the guy allows because he’s a dufus
    -go to mall/public location (church in that dragon one), but random terrorists attack and somehow take heroine hostage (this is never shown because according to the plot the princess is really strong, so we have to just pretend she was caught off guard or something)
    -She tries to fight the criminals but is defeated generally via a convenient power that gets around her being the ‘strongest’ (this is particularly glaring with Stella since supposedly she doesn’t fight by relying purely on her power, yet every time we see her fight, that’s all she does)
    -after heroine’s defeat, she is made to strip to protect other hostages (this one is weirdly specific, yet ALWAYS HAPPENS)
    -everyone comments on how ‘she’s strong’ because she’s willing to strip to protect people (it always sort of shocks me how little Japan understands feminism, it’s like they think if they have characters SAY a woman is strong despite repeatedly putting them in horrifically sexist situations, somehow that counts… or something?)
    -the hero, who is supposedly one of the weaker characters in the setting, appears and mops the floor with the characters that gave the supposedly much stronger heroine so much trouble.
    -the weird last minute save guy was not a cop, or an assistant, or whatever, but rather the hero’s rival at school, who is without question an arrogant prick, who also without question has like 4 girlfriends.

    I mean there was no scene in this episode that was NOT a massive stereotype that has happened 20 times before, almost down to the word choices by most of the characters.

    I still like the show in principle and the two leads so I’m going to stick around and PRAY that nothing like this happens again, but this was pathetic.

    P.S. the ONLY part I liked was when Ikki loses it after they save Stella. He doesn’t lose it in a cool or manly way, he just falls apart. And that was nicely ‘real’ and did actually make Stella seem strong as opposed to the stupid comments while she was stripping because she did keep her cool and HE DID NOT.

    1. The whole first book is kinda iffy for most people from what reactions I’ve seen. even after the first book, there are a few stereotypical harem scenes though they constitute for a small fraction of the material. I hated how Stella was forced to strip, but I was fine with the rest of the events. Earlier in the episode they kind of hinted at how Stella was still working on how to fight enemies with unknown abilities. I also don’t think it was necessarily that they thought she was strong because she was willing to strip, but because she went to protect the kid even though she was told to stay under the radar. Luckily in the next episode, its going to be Stella’s turn to help out Ikki.

      1. And that’s why I’m not quitting yet, because I’ve heard that the drawing point of this story is that it breaks out of the harem cliches fairly quickly.

        As for the stripping, I’d have to go re-watch it to get a quote, but IIRC, they very specifically say she has nerves of steel while she’s stripping because she’s stripping. Which, as I said in my first post, is a weirdly specific thing that I’ve seen in at least 3 or 4 of these battle-fantasy-school-harem shows.

        As far as the rest of the events go, it’s not that I hated them for them, it’s that they are almost entirely the same as the events in the second/third episode of almost every other one of these shows. Random terrorist group takes over public location that the heroes happen to be and they are either forced by the situation or activated by the authorities to deal with the problem and the girl (who is almost always supposed to be a big deal in these) loses for some random and often unexplained reason.

  3. Well that fulfilled most of my expectations. It’s never going to be ground breaking but it’s not trying to be. Stella still remains the show’s strongest and most pleasant character. Giving Alice some active powers was a good touch and not just playing him as a simpering gay stereotype. I’m feeling its almost time for the obligatory onsen episode…..

    1. Don’t remember any onsen surprisingly, but there is a pool scene (although you’ve already seen Stella in her swimsuit). Alice is actually one of my favorite characters and I also appreciate how they made his strength relevant.

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