Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider – 02


Professor Saikawa leads a group of college students on a camping trip to Himaka Island, but as far as Moe is concerned, it’s a golden opportunity for just the two of them to spend some quality time together outside of the university, smitten as she is for the young professor.

As much as she was looking forward to this trip (according to her butler), she gets pouty whenever the subject of the island’s most (in)famous inhabitant, Magata Shiki, comes up. Could it be she pulled strings to contacte Magata and had that recorded conversation just to get to better know the person she’s battling for Saikawa’s attention and enthusiasm?


Once they arrive at the island and set up camp, Saikawa is quick to branch off on his own, as is his wont, while Moe is just as quick to join him, the two of them alone like she prefers. Here Moe shows a little more dimension beyond infatuation when she calls Saikawa out, asking straight up why he keeps her around “if he doesn’t like her.”

Saikawa’s frank response—that he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to outside of work hours, such as the present time—appeases Moe, but also emboldens her to want to go to the beach at night and drink alone with him; but Saikawa demurs, pulling the age card, even though he knows full well despite her looks Moe is nearly twenty, and capable of making these kind of decisions.


Then there’s a raven-haired maiden in a white shift being driven by the director of the Magata Lab. Curiously, she demands the same basic things that Moe demands: to see the beach at night, drink alcohol, and the like. Furthermore, she inquires as to what the director’s wife is up to and what his own obligations for the evening are, then places her hands upon his as he clutches the gearshift and gives him a look that’s equal parts seduction and menace.


To be honest, I have no idea what’s going on in that car, or even who the girl is: is it Magata’s little sister, whom the lab’s second-in-command helpfully informs Moe and Saikawa is off retrieving when Moe’s fake headache grants them access? Or is it Shiki herself? We see that Moe is either also interested in learning more about Magata, or is doing what she feels is the best way to get to Saikawa: by helping him meet his idol.

As for the lab itself, arriving there, exploring it, and being introduced to the various employees, it all has the flavor of an Agatha Christie novel, complete with shifty expressions, mysterious loyalties and backgrounds…and a locked room, wherein Magata Shiki herself has apparently dwelt for fifteen years without stepping outside…


…A streak that appears to end after an apparent system-wide bug dramatically flashes the lights as a white-veiled, red-lipped Shiki, or something looking just like her which Moe insists is Shiki, blasts out atop one of the robotic trays that carried headache medicine to Moe not ten minutes earlier.

Naturally, Moe uses this frightening experience to grasp her beloved professor’s arm tightly, but something tells me that despite Shiki’s murderous past, she’s not going to be a physical threat so much as a psychological one, a possibility reinforced by the director’s monologue about his life being “ruled…and toyed with”, or rather wanting it to be “ruled…and toyed with”, by the girl in his car.

Again, still not entirely clear what’s going on, but I’m definitely intrigued, if a bit bemused.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider – 02”

  1. Actually, I think the girl in the car IS Shiki, and not her little sister. I don’t think we’ve seen the sister yet, given that she was only mentioned in the later half of the episode.

    1. I too initially thought the girl in the car is Shiki, then (wrongly) second-guessed myself, due to the fact everyone seems convinced she’s never left that room in all those years (so why be in that car?) as well as the mention of her sister in connection with the director.

      I didn’t mean to imply I was sure it was Shiki’s sister and not Shiki in the car. In fact, judging from the look of what flew out of the room, It’s entirely possible Shiki is indeed in the car, and the “doll” is just that: a decoy. After all, it didn’t speak or move like a human.

      In the (very good) chance Shiki is in the car, that means I have to be more careful in the future about taking what the majority of characters believe as fact (i.e., she’s in, and could only be in, that room).

      1. Ah, fair enough. But given the narration that went along with the car scenes, I was more under the impression that those were flashbacks, as opposed to events happening in the present timeline. Meaning that the girl in the car is still Shiki, but when she was a thirteen-year-old as opposed to the person she is now.

        Then again, that impression of mine could be completely off base too.

      2. It would make sense if that was a flashback; the reason I mistook Shiki for her sister was that she looked different in that car; younger than the girl on the video screen (though since we’ve only seen her from one angle on that screen, there’s not much to work with).

        For whatever reason though, the car ride felt like it was going on at the same time Saikawa and Moe were at her lab. But I could very well be wrong about that. Not that I like subtitles like “five years earlier”, but that would have helped me understand what was going on when a lot better.

        Then again, maybe we’re not supposed to be clear what’s going on and when…at least not yet?

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