Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – 01 (First and Only Glance)


Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is a story about a little girl whose name is often miss-read as Virgin and her exile to an island populated by yuri couples who must arouse each other to turn into weapons and fight for some reason.

It has striking similarities to Cross Ange: the abnormalities, the gross self-degeneration of the women, and the erotic exploitation. Virgin’s fighter—the woman who arrives on the island at the same time and erotically turns Virgin into a sword—even looks like Ange.


Unfortunately, VD:M doesn’t live up to Ange’s somewhat uneven standards. The first episode introduces so many characters, and focuses on the erotics and fighting, that very little story is told. There’s no sense of world here. Not beyond ‘there will be fighting and girl- on-girl action’ regularly in each episode.

In brief, if I’d known how close this was to straight hentai, I probably would not have watched it.


You may like it: if you enjoy full-spectrum yuri, sleazy and unashamed exploitation, and ‘shy girls first time’ turning them into swords. I watched the uncensored broadcast and… yep. Lots of boobs, jiggle, fondling, and blushing before each battle.

You can skip it: under pretty much any circumstance. Sure, it’s got some aggressive fondling but nothing else. The action is budget to boot.


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      1. Thanks. My computer freaked out when I tried to go to the site. The anti-virus warned me it was dangerous, and a window came up which made me close the browser.

        Do you know if the series is currently being broadcast, or is available on any of the commercial anime sites?

      2. I’d thought it was a currently airing show but I may have misread the file tags? Kiss Anime is indeed a weirdo mess. (I turn flash off when visiting)

  1. Pass. It sounds similar to Upotte! which had a pretty gross premise. I often think the makers of these sorts of shows have no respect for the industry at all.

  2. If it’s so bad it’s a funny watch then there might be something here, but its MAL rating of 6.74—and a 5 from Franklin—isn’t even that bad!

    I won’t be watching this, but I know why it exists: to employ people, and on the off-chance it makes a little bit of money.

    I’m not even sure I should feel bad for the people involved in this show’s creation, because A.) they need the work and B.) they might actually be passionate about this kind of stuff.

    I wonder if there’s an unspoken competition within the industry: who can go the farthest with the on-the-fence sexual content without getting so explicit it enters the realm of hentai.

    More likely, there are well-defined specifications for both categories.

  3. “I won’t be watching this, but I know why it exists: to employ people, and on the off-chance it makes a little bit of money.”

    Pretty much this. I have no interest in VD:M either, but there are always going to be shows like this as long as there’s an audience for them, and a lot of them do attract enough of an audience to make it worthwhile for the production companies. From the description, this really doesn’t sound any worse than any of the other trashy “boobs and action” anime that studios were putting out 20 years ago like Agent Aika and Variable Geo. The only real difference is that 20 years ago VD:M probably would’ve just been a short OVA instead of a full 12-episode TV series.

    1. Projects like Agent Aika and even KITE present a more coherent story than this. Probably because they were OAV focused, they got on with it more concisely? Like Zane said, its not even bad enough to be funny.

    2. I mean, they could have done so much with a budget high school Rom Com where a shy girl literally turns into a sword during her first romantic encounter. The ‘exiled on an island of freaks and forced to fight in a tourney’ trope wasn’t even necessary

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