Shimoneta – 12 (Fin)


Shimoneta ends with an adventure on the road, as SOX is summoned by Anna’s mom Sophia to a hot springs district, possibly for some kind of parley. Only when they arrive, there’s no Sophia to welcome them; only Anna and Goriki, who were also summoned. The gang decides to avail themselves of the spa facilities, but what is going on here?


Turns out Anna is the first to break the strict non-coed rules regarding the baths, as she sends Goriki on an impossible errand (her favorite way of getting rid of third parties) and again has her way with Tanukichi, but she’s interrupted by the scream of her own mother, who everyone finds unconscious and in her underwear in the changing room. Now they know someone else brought them here.


That someone is “Black Base”, who claims no connection whatsoever to White Peak despite being a fan of the opposite color of panties. He’s replaced everyone’s clothes with black underwear, and that’s all everyone wears for the rest of the episode, which is a bold but highly appropriate move for the cheekily lewd Shimoneta. 

I especially liked how bashful Ayame and Tanukichi were with one another in such garb, despite plenty of running around either naked or near-naked in their past SOX dealings. But as Ayame says, “this is different,” and she’s right: those were professional duties; this is a lot more intimate.

Also, while Peak and Base represent black and white among SOX’s adversaries, Anna and Ayame are black and white-themed girls in Tanukichi’s life.


Anywho, Black Base finds the rusty metal wheel Tanukichi brought along (given to him by his imprisoned father, who told him to bring it should he ever visit the hot springs district), and will only give it back if they beat him in a strip rock-paper-scissors tournament. Ayame makes good use of Goriki’s nausea-inducing pink underwear to distract Black Base so she and Tanukichi can escape with the wheel and head to the “treasure trove” its supposedly the key for.


While taking a rusty old cable car (which Fuwa gets working in a random cameo) up to the mountain trove, Anna manages to beat Black Base and races back to Tanukichi. Unable to breathe, Tanu accidentally grabs Anna’s butt, sending her into ecstacy, whereupon the whole floor of the cable car gives out, sending her to her into the forest canopy.

I’ll say one thing about Shimoneta, it’s always been incredibly creative about infusing absurd lewdness into its action sequences. Once they’re at the trove, a hidden pedal reveals a hexagonal shaft, upon which Tanu’s rusty wheel fits perfectly.


It takes the full strength of SOX to turn it and open the trove’s doors, revealing a wealth of lewd figurines collected and preserved for posterity. Ayame vows that SOX will continue to preserve such enlightening treasures for future generations, and a fully nude (but thankfully backlit) Black Base, who turns out to have been a good friend and colleague of Tanukichi’s dad, looks on approvingly, knowing the trove is in good hands.

Was the episode, and Shimoneta in general, perfect? Far from it; it never returned Anna to sanity, leaving her a bit one-note at the end; the Ayame-Tanu pairing never materialized; and everyone barfing at Goriki’s underwear seemed a little hypocritical in such an otherwise permissive milieu. But it was still fun, innovative, hilarious, and a surprisingly apt critique of the continuing Japanese struggle to balance decency and lewdness, both crucial parts of the nation’s culture.


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4 thoughts on “Shimoneta – 12 (Fin)”

  1. Some political content regarding the true nature of the PM laws was removed from the anime.

    Anna’s father, a high-ranking politician and major proponent of the PM laws, doesn’t care about public morals at all; he’s using the laws to control and censor the flow of public information.
    The father believes freedom of information weakened Japan, and that only by controlling it under “official” channels can Japan be saved and become a strong, powerful nation again.
    Anna’s father actually LIKED Gathered Fabric’s terrorism, since it gave the Purity laws more legitimacy. He wants their acts to escalate even further so he can implement even harsher censorship laws. He was very angry when SOX defeated Fabric and even tried to stop Blue Snow’s TV appearance, and is plotting how he can use/manipulate SOX for his agenda.

    The novel also introduces characters such as Tanukichi’s mother (co-founder and top agent of Japan’s morality squad, badass fighter) and Annie Brown (US tech expert sent to promote PM technology overseas, very big boobs).

    1. Annie shows up briefly in the ED for this episode, so they might be hinting at a second season.

  2. Wait, Anna going out of the door wi8th Tanukuchi in, er, a weird position behind her. Does that mean, ummmm….?

    But seriously, while you can say it for every light novel, this is one of those works that is best adapted whole not not just do the first few chapters and end it with that “Go and read the novels if you want to find out what comes next” deal. It feels similar to what happened to Maou no Yusha’s adaptation in that the more interesting parts (Mauyu socioeconomic studies and Shimoneta’s sociopolitical commentariy) never gets fully fleshed out in anime form. It’s kinda disappointing.

    Still, the serious was one fun short ride.

  3. My favourite moment had to be the rock, paper, scissors contest. That had me in stitches. I think a second series would be most welcome. :)

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