Weekly OP & ED – Charlotte

P.A. Works kinda has a knack for great OPs and EDs as far as we’re concerned, from Canaan and Angel Beats to Nagi no Asukara. Good to see Charlotte keeping up that tradition with very good opening and closing sequences full of bittersweet longing and hope.

OP – “Bravely You” by Lia

ED – “The Wings that Won’t Be Burned Down” by Tada Aoi

3 thoughts on “Weekly OP & ED – Charlotte”

  1. Both the theme song lyrics and composition are credited to Maeda Jun. In an interview, Maeda Jun has said that he believes that writing the script and composing the music for a series gives him an advantage in creating everything the way he imagines it, instead of having a separate script writer and composer

  2. I’ve think “Bravely You” is the best OP of the season, Having listened to the full version, it works well away from the anime as a stand alone piece. That catchy synth driven middle eight gets me every time. :)

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