Shimoneta – 09


SOX’s simultaneous offensive against both decency and Gathered Fabric continues as Ayame splits Sox up into two groups: one which will distribute dirty material around the school perimeter, and a second which will use Tanukichi’s dirty underwear to lure GF panty thieves whom they’ll then capture as a sign to the establishment that they do not condone GF’s activities.


Kosuri, who is convinced she is far more valuable to SOX than Tanukichi feels shafted when she’s paired with Saotome for the first job, rather than Ayame for the second. When the panties end up luring Anna instead of GF, Kosuri considers it a failure for Tanukichi, but Ayame had planned all along for Anna to take the bait to get her off their backs. Even so, Kosuri rats out Saotome for drawing while they were supposed to be working, further demonstrating her Me-First attitude.


When they try again with the same two teams, things go almost too smoothly for Tanukichi, as one GF member after another fall for the dirty underwear bait like clockwork. Then the lights go out and Tsukimigusa comes in the locker room, and Tanukichi, mistaking her for a GF, uses one of his father’s special moves, thus discovering “she” is really a “he.” Anna comes in too, and mistakes Tanukichi for the “false” Tanukichi she met before, but he’s able to distract her once more by shedding his boxers. I like how no matter what, Anna will not suspect Tanukichi of being a member of SOX; in her eyes, he can do not wrong.


As for Kosuri, she reveals she was the one who sent all the GFs to the locker room for Tanukichi, and also knocked out the lights and turned on the sprinklers. She even collaborated with Fuwa. But all this initiative only gets her scolded by Ayame, to the point she starts to see SOX as no better than her father in that they’re not doing enough.

Then White Peak, the leader of GF (who seems more up Kosuri’s alley anyway), calls SOX out for a formal meeting. Looks like they’re not going away any time soon, and in the meantime, SOX has a self-involved loose cannon in Kosuri to contend with.


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4 thoughts on “Shimoneta – 09”

  1. I am qui8te surprised at how the episode title “Do Androids Dream of Electric Masseurs?” fits in so well with Tsukimigusa’s storyline of being merely a “robot” that blindly follows his commands to the point that he is willing to suppress his own sexuality for his “purpose” Now if only the ep expanded on this one more instead of simply passing by it, it would have been really fascinating.

    1. Now I know why Tsukimigusa was portrayed as so robotic last week…he’s supposed to be a robot, even following a set of Asimov-like laws and only defining his existence through someone else, i.e. Anna.

      He is an artifice of the system that oppresses sexuality, and thus humanity, and like the bureaucracy, ignores the hypocrisy of the elites (again i.e. Anna’s lewd behavior) simply because the rules only really apply to the masses.

      The episode introduced the nuts and bolts, but exploration would have certainly would have been more fascinating than Kosuri’s petty jealousy and predictable disillusion with SOX’s peaceful protest stance.

      1. Agreed, I like Horie Yui’s voice work, but man, Kosuri just doesn’t anything else to the story. It just feels like she’s just the obligatory clingy loli (even if the show is fully aware of it).

  2. A lot will depend on what they do with Kosuri next I think. There are certainly allegoric paths open still they can take that character. We shall see over the next few episodes I guess.

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