I won’t mince words: this episode of GOD EATER brought it. Perhaps not from start to finish, as it started rather slowly, but even that slow start focused on the seemingly insurmountable task before the titular God Eaters. Aegis is only 0.06% complete, and will require tens of thousands of cores from the kind of Aragami they defeated last week. Even the bigger Vajra only cut that number to thousands. And this is as bodies are dropping all over the world. The episode title “All In Vain” would seem to apply.


Even so, these guys have to try, and if they’re going to go out their and risk their lives, all of them want to go after a bigger prize; the Vajra. Sakuya seems heartened by their enthusiasm, but in Lindow’s absence it’s her call, and she decides to allow the Vajra hunt.

From there, the hunt is on, and it goes swimmingly at first, with Lenka and Alisa taking out the Vajra’s legs while Kouta and Sakuya blast them. Kouta is a little shaky, but Sakuya tells him to trust in the excellent God Arc he wields, and in himself.


When they hit the Vajra lair, they quickly find themselves surrounded by three Vajra, as well as having about a dozen or so bystanders who come out of nowhere. No matter; the three Vajra are killed by a fourth, a “black Vajra” that even unsettles Alisa. There’s something different about this guy, and it’s not just his looks: he’s much faster, much stronger, and much smarter than the other Vajra.


The God Eater’s day just starts to plain ol’ suck from there, in a big way: no matter what they throw at this guy, he’s ready with vicious counterattacks. No matter how many pills Alisa chomps or how much Lenka yells, they both get brutally smacked around and sliced up. It’s the first instance where the Aragami legitimately scared me.


Our outclassed heroes’ only hope is to retreat, but Lenka and Alisa are so badly-wounded the former can only crawl along while dragging the latter, and the Vajra isn’t about to leave wounded prey alone. Lenka finally appeals to a higher power, if there’s one up there, and it would seem that his last-ditch prayer was at least partially answered, as the Vajra doesn’t simply stomp them into jelly, but steps over them. The bad news is, doing so collapses the rock formation upon which Lenka and Alisa lie, causing them to fall from a great height.


The cut to black, along with the dramatic music with a distinct air of “This Is It” make for a stirring ending…if only that was the end. Rather curiously, after the credits we get another extended flashback with Professor Shicksal and his two colleagues as they celebrate the continued funding of their research, only to be visited by a general who briefs them on the appearance of vicious beasts that have evolved from the “oracle cell” they’re studying.

These flashbacks running parallel to the present-day story continue to not be my favorite, and the timing this week after a present-day cliffhanger was a bit…random. Still, the dark Vajra battle packed quite a punch, and has me eager to see what becomes of the God Eaters.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “GOD EATER – 05”

  1. Damn God Eater finally delivered! I’m glad all those episodes lead to something. The thing about God Eater was that there was never any real tension in the fights. The Aragami never felt very threatening. Another thing was that the characters all have generic, stale, one bit personalities. And finally, God Eater wastes a TON of time inappropriately. For example watching Sakuya SLOOOOOOOOOWLY take her time to give encouragement to Kouta IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT was really fucking immersion breaking. I mean during ALL THAT TIME the Vajara should have just gotten up and killed them for having a leisure chat in the middle of an intense battle. What SHOULD have happened was Sakuya seeing Kouta fuck up, then stepping up and finishing the Vajara herself quickly. After that there would be an opening for a lecture and Kouta could redeem himself when the next Vajra came along. At least then I wouldn’t feel like the Aragami stop and wait for their enemies to talk goddamit. I cannot stress enough how much moments like these ruin fight scenes.

    Okay bad parts aside, I really did like this episode of God Eater. Mainly with the introduction of the Black Vajra. For once it felt like the team faced a REAL threat. Well not only that, it wiped the floor with them! There were multiple times where I kept expecting a Shounen power up event with Lenka straining himself then unlocking some random bullshit power out of his ass. But God Eater betrayed my expectations expertly. Man that was good! Seeing tired shounen troupes shutdown like that really made me respect the power of the Black Vajra. This was pretty much the first God Eater episode where I’m greatly looking forward to the next after seeing it.

    1. Speaking of immersion breaking, I really wish we could’ve gotten episode six last week. Not sure if it’s a scheduling issue or a production issue, but God Eater has seemed to have all kinds of trouble getting episodes aired on a consistent basis.

      Every week we don’t see the story continued, we lose a little more of the tension that had been built. It doesn’t help that the tension was already kinda broken by jumping from Lenka’s fate all the way to the past with Schiksal and the scientists. Those flashback scenes are very exposition-heavy and have yet to hold my interest.

      1. I actually don’t mind the flash back scenes. The dramatic irony on how they think they have this great thing that will solve humanities problems but it actually ends up screwing them over keeps me interested enough.

        But the freakking pauses and breaks in battle are just way too fucking stupid. The lack of any sense of urgency the characters have in certain situations is terrible.

        Another example of this was in episode two (I think). Where THERE WAS THIS SUPER EMERGENCY AND ALISA HAD TO BE RESCUED FROM A TRANSPORT THAT’S UNDER ATTACK! What do they characters do? They sssssssslllllllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwwwly talk things over, negotiate, and deliberate. Even when Lenka makes his choice, THE COMMANDER STOPS HIM FOR MORE USELESS COMMENTS. Then he and the leader guy SLOWWWWWWWLY walk to the helicopter. It’s like they don’t fucking care about supposed time restrictions at all. It makes me feel like the characters KNOW they are in an anime/game, so they can take their sweet time talking/walking slowly because the transport won’t get destroyed while the dawdle.

        It looks so unprofessional and completely breaks my immersion.

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