Rokka no Yuusha – 05


RnY really slammed on the brakes this week, finishing the job it started last week of bringing the story’s momentum to a screeching halt. What had been a thrilling, sprawling fantasy adventure tale is now stuck in a square room with a lame mystery, pacing around, tapping its foot; scratching its head, and yawning.


I know; seven Braves when there should be six isn’t that bad a mystery. It’s more that the way the mystery is being investigated saps all of my interest. First we get another set of introductions, along with their stories of where they were when the barrier came up. We hear Adlet’s monologue as he sizes people and their stories up, but aside from learning Fremy is half-fiend (which is actually pretty interesting), we don’t learn much of note.


From there, everyone starts chiming in with their ideas about what happened and who they suspect the seventh Brave to be. Now, I’m a big fan of 12 Angry Men, but they were a jury deliberating a verdict; these guys are supposed to be legendary heroes kicking ass and saving the world. The fact that they’re holed up in this room pointing fingers at each other for an entire episodes diminishes their splendor along with our patience. When Chamo yawned, I said to myself “You and me both, kid!”


Thankfully, the seven do eventually get somewhere, though I’m not yet satisfied with where that is: Hans (whose cat-speak and constant cackling is really annoying, BTW) says once the temple doors open they cannot be closed, calling into question Adlet’s story about having to blow the door open, which immediately preceded the activation of the barrier. Even though Fremy is in chains, Hans seems on the cusp of turning everyone against Adlet.

Yet we witnessed what Adlet did, from start to finish, and at worst, he activated the barrier accidentally. He doesn’t work as the culprit, since we’ve been following him the whole time, before even Nashetania showed up. So unless the show itself was lying to us, he can’t possibly be the enemy.

Because the deliberation is far from over, it’s guaranteed that the Braves won’t be leaving this room for at least part of the next episode. Smoke if you got ’em…


Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

7 thoughts on “Rokka no Yuusha – 05”

  1. IIRC, the entire later half of Vol 1 of the source novel (which Ep 5 is now at) is a locked room mystery inside the temple chamber, the main draw of the novel.
    Assuming the writers wrap up the mystery by the next episode or two, the cast should be out and about in the wild by then.

    1. I figure it worked a lot better in the novel. They tried their best to spice things up with different camera angles and cuts, but at the end of the day The episode was way too static.

  2. Honestly, I think this review is a little harsh, I found it to be entertainment. I had read up on the series a little and was expecting there to be seven braves, and that Adlet would be put on the spot, so reaching that point was somewhat satisfying. I would have giving it 8/10, there was more development to this episode and series then you might have thought (imo).

    1. I hear ya. I’m not a reader, so I can only go off of what I’ve seen so far and what I saw this week, and I simply wasn’t impressed. There was way too much standing around and talking. Too much telling, not enough showing.

      This episode didn’t have a satisfying arc; it begins and ends in the same place: with the Braves suspecting one of their own. The only difference is which one of them. And by the end, the debate isn’t even over yet, which had a somewhat draining effect on me that could have been avoided had they come to a consensus by the end of the episode.

      My underlying problem with their suspicions is that none of them even bother mentioning that maybe there are SUPPOSED to be seven Braves this cycle. Instead, everyone automatically assumes the seventh is “the enemy”, which IMO is a conclusion they’re not informed enough to make at this point. It’s a hole the show hasn’t yet been able to fill to our satisfaction, and makes the whole debate tedious.

      I also though that introducing Maura, Chamo and Hans all at once last week left something to be desired. While there’s something to be said for the trio to already have established relationships and trust (like the quartet we’ve followed so far), the fact we weren’t privy to that development puts them at a disadvantage; I simply don’t care about Maura, Hans, or Chamo’s opinions as much as the character I already know and like.

      It doesn’t help that Hans acts and talks like a classic “crazy anime villain”, Chamo is just a bloodthirsty urchin, and Maura…well, Maura doesn’t really give any strong impressions so far. Everyone seems to regard her highly, but from what we’ve seen and heard so far, she’s pretty drab

      1. From what you’ve seen, who do you think is the seventh Brave who is thought to be the faker/con. From what I believe it could be the princess, although she’s in the cave, she fell to the ground which could possibly mean that she’s faking it and somehow felt the affect of the tomb they’re in preventing her from staying in there. However, this time there could just be 7 of them instead of the normal 6.

      2. I also think it’s Tania, for the simple reason that the others aren’t paying a lot of attention to her. Last week the ED made me suspect her, and her very random fainting spell only increased that suspicion.

      3. I just came back from a weekend trip out of the city and only caught up now. I would honestly have to agree with this review. I too have also been in the situation where an anime series does not exactly capture the essence of the original material (In which I also disagreed with the rabujoi review for an episode, but have since had some time to think about it). If we are to isolate what has happened this episode from both the rest of the series and the original material, this episode focused too much on the characters we know and very little on the newcomers. Even if the original material and the entire anime series in general are great, I think if I was to re-watch the series, I would prob skip this episode, which I think the “6” rating is fair. If anything, if the payoff of this arc is good, hopefully the average rating overall is what Sunite is expecting.

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