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This week, we learn that Princess Pina Co Lada’s Rose Knight Order was something she herself created in her youth out of a desire to be a knight and a hero to her people. She gathered other children of the court, mostly girls, and with the help of her knight and protector Grey, whipped them into shape. Seven years later, the order was officially established, but only as a ceremonial honor guard, to Pina’s consternation.

But with so much of the conventional military lost to the JSDF, Pina’s father finally deployed her unit. But her first battle, defending Italica from hordes of bandits (made up of former allied soldiers who fled the JSDF slaughter), doesn’t go so well, as most of the bravest and most skilled town conscripts are killed, leaving her handful of trained knights and a bunch of scared townsfolk. I’d want to stay in my dreams too, as she tries to do until doused with water by the maid.


She awakes to learn that some people have arrived. She knows not whether they’re friend or foe, but once she gets a look at them, assumes any force with Rory Mercury on their side would have already taken the city, and let them in. Her first interaction with Lt. Itami is slamming the doors of the gate right in his face, but things improve a bit from there, as Pina can’t afford to turn down help in defending the city.

While Pina may not know it, she and Itami are of like mind: protecting the people is the primary concern, even if the JSDF recently killed thousands of her father’s soldiers. Itami defers to Pina’s command, and she places him and his men at the South gate to serve as decoys, where they proceed to simply stand around, waiting for the enemy to return.


When the battle begins at 3 in the morning, the enemy attacks the East gate, not the South, and the gate falls almost immediately due to their superior numbers, tactics, and a “spirit wielder” on their side deflecting arrows. Pina looks upon the besieged walls as they breach and the bandits pour in with a stunned look on her face, trembling in fear.

It turns out Pina is a lot more green than I’d originally thought. In honorable one-on-one combat I’m sure she’d do quite well, but this is war, something she’s never experienced, and when her carefully-laid plans go awry, she stands frozen, like an honor guard, with the only force that can turn this around all the way on the other side of the city. I’d call for them if I were her.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “GATE – 05”

  1. Yeah it’s Pina’s first battle and her inexperience shows. The utter shock she feels when her plans go awry, her slowness to adapt, etc. I don’t blame her too much though. I doubt she’s gone through some kind of rigorous officer training to engrave the right mindset for battle. I’m guessing that it’s up to the JSDF and their superior firepower to save that day. That and a certain god’s envoy.

    Out of the three other world girls Itami is entangled with, I like Rory the most. Setting aside my extreme bias towards gothic lolita designs, I’m interested in her weird religion and how it characterizes her. Apparently killing is OK as long as the reasons are correct. On one hand she’s murdering people in the night (granted they ARE bandits who had it coming), then the next she’s surrounded by children who treat her like their best friend. So apparently she’s a good person more than a psychopath? But she loves killing too? What a religion hahaha. Well a religion that doesn’t work to stabilize society usually doesn’t spread and catch believers. After all who’s want to believe in a god that just randomly kills people? So there must be some rhythm and reason to Rory despite what Pina says.

  2. Couple of things:

    1. I hope they explain that these troops (being allied survivors apparently) are aware of how dangerous the ‘ones in green’ are because otherwise it seems a little silly that they just magically saw through the princess’s plan and chose to attack the much better defended gate.

    2. In contrast to kreyto above, Rory is the thing I have the hardest time dealing with on this show aside from the disgusting politics that pop up on occasion (mercifully absent from this episode). She’s just too much of an ‘anime’ character. The rest of this is real and a ‘real’ fantasy world. Nothing particularly out of place. Medieval, wizards, elves, dragons, etc. Then suddenly there’s a goth lolita sexpot that gets orgasmic pleasure from killing… riiiiiigghhht. It’s just too much of an obvious piece of otaku bait for me. And I’m aware that the whole show is otaku bait, but where everything is like a 6 or 7 on the scale, Rory amps it up way past 11. Plus she seems like she got lost on the way to a porn manga.

    3. Overall I liked this episode a fair amount as it dropped the politics and just let us into this world with the main characters. Still slightly wonky and the dramatic cliffhanger was a bit much but definitely a good time IMO.

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