It still looks the business, but GOD EATER came down to earth a bit this week. The relatively taut pacing of the first episode was gone, replaced by a plodding storyline that felt dragged out in order to build up suspense for the eventual reveal of Alisa, the self-proclaimed Best New-type who looks to be Lenka’s rival.

Lots of guys sorta-looking at boobs this week

The slowed and somewhat creaky pace and preponderance of people standing around having casual chats made it much harder to overlook the cliches of the plot, which were many: The kid screws up and ends up in the brig, but sudden circumstances and a ringing endorsement from Major Amamiya’s older brother (and Fenrir-Far East’s top Old-type) Rindou force her hand, and she gives him a fresh chance to prove himself to the brass, who want to take his weapon away.


All that well-tred ground is made tolerable by the show’s gritty-yet-smooth style, but the battle that results in Eric dying and Lenka getting jailed is needlessly split up into separate parts, killing its momentum. And during the battle, there’s just no sense of urgency.

That is, until after Rindou takes out the “Vajra” (a type of Aragami boss), and a stray Aragami tries to pounce on the unconscious Lenka. If nothing else, I liked the symmetry of an unarmed Lenka saving Eric before (which is the rumor at Fenrir that makes Rindou a fan) and Eric repaying him with his life.


Back in the present, after Eric’s memorial service, Alisa is on her way via air transport, but all of her fighter escorts are taken out by a swarm of aerial Aragami, creating the emergency that requires Major Amamiya to entertain Rindou’s suggestion they send the kid out again.

But again, the pacing and direction undermine the tension. The rapid-fire events up in the stratosphere just don’t jibe with the slow deliberations of the Amamiya siblings, not to mention the Major’s confronting of Lenka to give him a choice only he can make: Stay in the cell or step out and fight (even though she opposes the latter). Things on the ground are just taking too long.


Which is a shame, because the bay door of the transport plane opening to reveal a no-nonsense Alisa ready to do battle is a pretty badass way to close the episode. It’s just too bad it didn’t feel like there was enough in this episode to justify leaving this scene for the very end. It lurched its way to this point, and left me feeling gypped Alisa didn’t actually get to do anything.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “GOD EATER – 02”

  1. I think this review is a LITTLE harsh, and at the same time is likely a sign of things to come. God Eater is just a repetitive monster-killer game, so they’re going to have find ways to pad the plot here and there which is likely to be an issue. At the same time, I feel like the episode did what it needed for the most part.

    Couple of small things though. Given that the lady is Lindow’s older sister, I don’t think we’re supposed to take that as him looking at her chest. Just male gaze on the part of the camera which I’m sure will be a constant thing with her. And to some extent the same with Alisa and the doctor.

    I actually laughed out loud that her first shot was a look at her underboobs since that is far and away her most famous trait in the fandom to the point of it being her nickname. All the costumes in God Eater are fairly ridiculous (how do they pull shirts on over the bracelet?) but Alisa’s takes the cake.

    1. I agree with you with that woman being the woman that all men should concentrate on when it comes to sexy-ness, there is usually one of these any most/or all anime’s.

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