End-of-Month Rundown – June 2015

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Just a couple more episodes (one more Hibike! Euphonium and one more Kekkai Sensen) and Spring 2015 will be a distant memory. Well, a recent memory, anyway. And you know what? It really wasn’t a bad season!

Part of that is that we continued our trend of dropping any shows that couldn’t stay above a 7.5 average on our rating scale, resulting in one of the highest-rated seasons ever on this site. But it was also just because from top to bottom all of the shows offered something either fun, original, entertaining, hilarious, exciting, or all of the above. We were, however, surprised and a little disappointed with how many shows simply ended, often with the regular ending sequence, without any kind of “Thanks for Watching!” card at the end. What gives??

The good news: Two of the Springs top shows—Ore Monogatari!! and Shokugeki no Souma—will continue into the Summer. The bad news: it doesn’t look like we’ll get a second season of Hibike, and who knows if and when Oregairu gets a third season. Good/Bad news: Hannah watched all of UBW, but many have said Zero is better show. Definitely bad news: our budding politician Franklin probably won’t be able to review anything this Summer either. :\

We’re preparing to tackle a very full Summer schedule, and even if we eliminate half of the shows we try out, we’ll still end up with another dozen-show season, at least. It will be a lot to plow through, but we look forward to the process. To get reviews up faster, we’ll continue to try to keep reviews brief and avoid the temptation to upload the entire episode in screencaps. We’ll see how we do.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “End-of-Month Rundown – June 2015”

  1. It’s been a great season, and I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews and seeing your thoughts on all the sweet anime that aired this season! I’ll be sure to keep following through summer. :)

    On the note of further bad news, the final episode of Kekkai Sensen has been delayed until further notice, and lord knows when it’ll air. Good news is that it’ll be longer than usual I guess, since the problem is that it doesn’t fit a 30 minute timeslot.

    Summer hype \ovo/

    Like I said before, give Gakkou Gurashi a try, the twists will be awesome (and don’t look up anything about it if you can)

    Chaos Dragon will be fun too with its meta-gaming, being based off of a DnD-esque roleplaying campaign between Urobuchi (Madoka, Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero), Nasu (Fate/Stay Night), Narita (Durarara) and others. You can point at the screen and go “look at that romantic interplay between Urobuchi and Nasu” and go “Urobuchi you crazy bastard backstabbign everyone”

    Lots of neat stuff down the pipeline!

    1. I love the fact that Kekkai Sensen will be a much longer episode. Honestly I want more out of this series, I totally wouldn’t mind waiting a season or two for the second season to come out, I think there is a lot more from this series which I and many other could enjoy.

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