Fate / stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 25 (Fin)


UBW’s epilogue drops us in London two years after the end of the Holy Grail War, with Shirou tagging alongside Rin as her pupil at a Hogwarts-like magical college. It would also seem they’re living together, and are quite happy about it.


After we’re shown some glimpses of their new life—home-cooked breakfast for Rin (still not a fan of the morning), an English love rival who spars with Rin in a kind of magical MMA bout; Shirou nursing Rin’s wounds after her defeat.


The couple takes a day trip to Glastonbury to visit King Arthur’s tomb, a trip Rin plans so Shirou can properly say goodbye to Saber. It’s a nice touch, and the English countryside and ruins are lushly rendered.


While on the bus ride home, with Rin asleep on his shoulder, Shirou reflects on the events that got him here to this point, by her side. A month after the war, Rin tells him of her plans to move to London and attend the mage’s university, inviting him to come along; an invitation he gladly accepts. Rin’s primary postwar goal is to make the man she loves happy, which means keeping him by her side.


Back in the present, in an encounter I’m sure had more resonance for those more familiar with the franchise, a tall, stern man questions why Shirou is there, and remarks that it’s a “small world” when he hears of Shirou’s desire to be a HoJ. My guess is this guy knew Kiritsugu.


Shirou has been invited to join the Mages Association and eventually Clock Tower, but he declines. Rin isn’t particularly surprised, but is more than willing to follow him as they see the world they saved. Lots of great loving smiles from Rin in this epilogue.

Shirou and Rin’s indications, along with the post-credits sequence, suggest Shirou will never be able to escape the same path as Archer, but until then, he and Rin are going to have as many good times as they can. When the time comes, she hopes her positive influence in his life will enable him to move a little further forward and get “the right ending.”


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  1. Good ending, but last weeks episode would have been a better ending. Nevertheless, this provides the closure many fans would have wanted. But still opens up to who that Clock Tower agent is and more adventures from the clock tower individuals. Would want to see that in the future.

  2. Loved this entire series and your reviews of them! The epilogue’s a little gratuitous, but I enjoyed the cameos – especially grown-up Waver from F/Zero in his role as Lord El-Melloi II, a.k.a. mysterious Clock Tower agent. Even if Shirou doesn’t know it, not everyone in the previous war ended up dead, dying, or evil.

  3. You are correct. That tall man know Kiritsugu. His true identity is Lord El-Melloi II aka. Waver Valvet, master of Rider Iskander from Fate/Zero. After the 4th Holy grail war he returned to clock tower, succeed his mentor title (…or something like that, it’s complicate) and become an accomplished mage himself, renowned as one of if not the best lecturer in the clock tower.

    A nice episode that provide good closure to the UBW route as a whole, but as a fan I was tormented by Sakura’s lack of screen time and her fate afterword (you know what I’m talking about if you watch Fate/Zero, the unending torment with the only person she really care for being far far away). Yeah, I know that her story was kept for the movie later this year, but I wish some more closure should be given to her part of the story.

    Overall a good series with very high production value, but some elements make it never ablate reach the heights of Fate/Zero, most notably pacing, bad soundtrack (more so in the first part of the series) and some characters development. It’s not all bad of course, but there are really that many ‘lost potentials’ in this series. Hoping that the movie will be better.

    Grade B+
    (Fate/Zero – A+)

    1. Sakura gets plenty of screen time in the last route Heavens feel, which is going to be a movie.

  4. Well now, it’s been a wild ride. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get an overt amount of mileage out of this episode, though happy Rin faces can be appreciated by all, and the cute couple can be appreciated by all. (So so so so cute)

    Luviagelita Edelfelt (who is actually Finnish, Clock Tower has students from all over) and Lord El-Melloi II (not his real name but you’ll see) are both from other iterations of the franchise and are definitely fanservice, yeah.

    I’m glad that you overall enjoyed this big whole thing.

    Thank you for tolerating my mini-essays. xD

    Ever since October, where I excitedly refreshed your page a gazillion times in the hopes y’all were gonna review it, saw nothing, went to bed, and then woke up to based oigakkosans’s shining review of Episode 0, I feel like we’ve been in this together!

    Rabujoi continues to be my favorite anime review site \ovo/

    Anyway, as for the future of Fate.

    Someday, the third route of Fate/Stay Night, Heaven’s Feel, will be adapted as a movie series by ufotable, this company. This is the Sakura route, and features much more screentime for her, Rider, Kirei, and Illya. (hence their minimal screentime here) Look forward to it!

    Now, in terms of other iterations, I’ll go in chronological order.

    In 2006, a mediocre adaptation of the first route of Fate/Stay Night was released by Studio Deen. Oigakkosan watched and lambasted the first episode, and while it does get better it doesn’t get much better. It is, however, the only anime adaptation of Saber’s route and all the Saber closure and identity stuff therein, so feel free to watch it if you want.

    In 2010, Studio DEEN released a movie adaptation of this very route, Unlimited Blade Works. It is readily available on YouTube and is painfully mediocre, basically a rush job of the very anime you just watched. Watch it if you want a laugh I guess.

    In 2012 came the anime everyone following these posts wants you to watch, Fate/Zero. Produced by this very company, ufotable, the legendary prequel to Stay Night will clear up a lot of things and be a super enjoyable experience for you, since you’ll pick up on lots of references and readily understand a lot of stuff, and get to have a lot of Saber, Gilgamesh, Kirei and some Rin. It has epic fights and a sweet storyline, so much like Steins; Gate, you missed out and totes need to catch up on the amazing! Warning: Dark as hell, as expected from something written by Gen Urobuchi himself, of Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass fame.

    (A plot twist regarding Sakura there will be relevant in Heaven’s Feel but not here)

    If you’re looking for something lighter, in 2013 came an adaptation of a magical girl spinoff, called Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. It’s an affectionate parody of the magical girl genre with a Fate flavor, and basically has Illya as a cute magical girl under Rin’s tutelage, along with appearances from Luvia and Shirou, fighting against the Class Cards, Servants reimagined as traditional magical girl foes. If magicalchurlsuki is watching UBW (and I imagine she has what with all the magic), it might be ideal for her. (It has epic fights too) It has a third season airing this summer, but each season is only ten episodes sho not much catchup.

    Now, in terms of other stuff, the Kara no Kyoukai movie series, seven movies plus an additional eighth movie called Future Gospel, takes place in the same universe as this, as evidenced by mentions of the Counter Force, Counter Guardians, and the Clock Tower in Kara no Kyoukai 5. Might be a good supplement, and I think you mentioned you watched it?

    (Anyway please watch any of the above I and many others will follow avidly)


  5. I was underwhelmed with this entire series. It’s not just that they never addressed the fundamental issue of adapting a lackluster plot that covers only one third of the story, but also that the show’s own pace was needless married to the tedious practice of alternating between action episodes and dialogue episodes. I give it praise for throwing an obscene amount of money on the screen to distract from the narrative flaws, but I wouldn’t recommend this to fans of Fate / Zero or Urobuchi in general.

  6. According to Nasu, Shirou becoming Archer is slim to none. Whether he meant Shirou will turn out like Archer isn’t very clear. Nor whether he meant that Shirou will become a counter-guardian.

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