Fate / stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 22


After a tense multi-episode battle with Archer, Shirou, Saber and Rin get a much-deserved respite back home, which almost seems like a preview of sorts for the “household of three” domestic arrangement that represents the ideal ending for these three once the war is over.

But it’s far from a sure thing, as there’s still Gilgamesh/Archer and his Shinji Grail to deal with. Rin determines that it’s all going down at Ryuudou Temple, so after a meal (gotta feed the brain), they determine the best course of action.


There’s an interesting dance between the three in Shirou’s sprawling manse, as he happens to not be around while Rin is conferring with her servant, while Saber happens to not be around when Shirou goes to Rin’s room, where she tells him how they’re going to get over his lack of mana (and thus inability to maintain a reality bubble like Archer): she’s going to transfer her magic crest to him, giving him all the mana he’ll need to face Gilgy.


This is treated as very intimate act, but not too intimate. While it’s certainly the hottest thing these two have done together (on this particular show, that is), things stay tasteful…if a bit dull and underwhelming.

Considering the affection these two have for each other, everything they’ve been through, and the fact they may not come back from their next fight, part of me wanted a little more amorousness.

Yet their contact never comes close to veering into the territory of sex, with Rin only removing her iconic turtleneck and Shirou taking off his shirt, with the understanding that more efficient “exchange of body heat” helps the process. Whatever you say, show.

While the transfer takes place, Shirou has some trippy dreams about being amongst jellyfish-style marine animals in the sea, to a scene of a kid practicing the high jump over and over as a young Rin watches.

I gathered that the jumping kid was him, and this was an actual memory Rin cherishes, and bristles when Shirou brings it up, because she doesn’t have an intimate memory of his to lord over him.


When they’re all done, Shirou goes out to see Saber, who was thankfully not peeking through the window to see what was going on or anything silly like that. Shirou is resolved to take care of Gilgamesh and come back home safe and sound, but Saber seems more tentative about that last part.


So this was the calm before the storm—which is brewing menacingly on the other side of town—but a warm and enjoyable one. Again, I don’t particularly care about Gilgamesh’s ideals or anything; he’s just an arrogant Bad Guy who needs to be put in his place. Here’s hoping our Power Triangle can make it happen.


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  1. Awesome review, I think this is the silence before the noise. We’re about to get an awesome few episode with some serious fights and crazy things. Only two episodes left, I’m going to miss this series after it ends.

  2. The “Mana Transfer Ritual” is a source of many jokes.

    Nasu had to change his story into an H-Game to get it released. This is why Saber is a girl. Originally, the protagonist was a girl and saber was a boy. They were flipped given the demands of the adult genre. That said, the game barely had any adult content and the instances were sort of just inserted into the plot. The PS2 releases and all of the adaptations have replaced the adult material.

    The Mana Transfer Ritual is obviously one of those contrived “We must be intimate to survive,” plots that you see in fan fiction and, well, “adult’ material. Even when dressed up, they still stick out. The original Fate anime had a weird CGI dragon. The UBW movie had a weird CGI dolphin. Now we have a whole CGI aquarium.

    The tradition continues.

  3. Hello, this is the poster who previously went by Tausif. (Facebook has betrayed me)

    Glad you enjoyed the episode! Hard to believe this wild ride will be over in three episodes. Fear not for the last episode is apparently double-length.

    Though you may have mercifully been spared this knowledge, the original Fate/Stay Night in 2004 was an erotic visual novel. There was a sex scene in the original at this time, thinly justified as a method of mana transfer.

    Once Type-Moon had enough capital, they released an updated version of FSN later called Realta Nua. Since they didn’t need sex scenes to sell their awesome stories, they came up with all-ages replacements that served the same plot purpose.

    Everything was so awkward and intimate because this once was a sex scene.

    The anime wisely decided not to do the original thing.

    That said, I will miss the lead-in…

    Your guess on the highbeam jumping boy was correct. That was the first time Rin Tohsaka saw Shirou Emiya. Moving forward and keeping on trying with a persistence and determination that even though it hurt was awfully admirable.

    In regards to Saber, her walking around everywhere and specifically going “both of you return home safely” is because she doesn’t believe she’ll come back. She wants to etch the memories of her place in her head because she believes she’s going forward to her death.

    The Holy Grail is what keeps Servants in the world, after all. And the plan is to explode it.

    We’ll see what happens though. To be frank, even I don’t know. The anime has a lot of original stuff and the VN has multiple endings, so… *shrug*

    Just know that’s the mindset she has. Also, in the ideological struggle between Shirou and Archer, she found her own answer, which she says much in this episode. Saber gets a lot more indepth character stuff in Zero and in the Fate route of Stay Night, but here having heard Shirou’s answer

    “I’ll strive forward to an ideal even if it’s impossible, not regretting failures and accepting its limitations, because the ideal is beautiful.”

    She feels a sense of closure in regards to her own regrets over Britain’s fall.

    Is that scene there.

    Also the jellyfish things are a visual metaphor for mana flow.

    Also they were literally dolphins in one iteration of this.

    Fate is weird.

  4. to be honest, i still think they could have stuck with a sex scene (obviously not in the way the visual novel executed it) and it would have still been tasteful. The sex scene wouldnt be for some dumb mana transfer, but for two people who deeply care for each other consumating their love with the idea that they may not return from this battle. I dont see any problems with the anime taking that approach. it kinda punked out

    1. You’re right; it kind of did! I too was hoping for more than blushing and pillow tossing from a couple who have been through so much together and have had mutual feelings for each other for some time now. What we got was tasteful but also…a bit dull. Still, I understood the need for some restraint.

      1. true; but if anything they series wouldnt need to explicitly show the sex scene; they could have simply implied it like rin and shirou kiss, fall into bed and then the next day we see them both lying in bed…badabing badaboom; nice and straight to the point.

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