Oregairu 2 – 09


Happiness is:

  • Hikky dreading going back to school after the club’s big conciliatory catharsis.
  • Komachi doing a pitch-perfect impression of Hikky’s condescending mumble, before remarking that she likes this “scum-niichan” just fine, and Hikky agreeing with her.
  • Hikky returning to a very brightly-lit club room to find a perfectly civil, downright chipper (for her) Yukino.
  • An elated Yui wanting to sit as close to Yukino as physically possible.
  • Yukino being both happy and a little uncomfortable with the closeness.


Happiness is:

  • Yukino and Yui attending the event meeting with Hikky. The cavalry has arrived!
  • Yukino and Yui’s priceless reaction to Hikky and Irohas’ little bag exchange ritual. “What was THAT all about?” their eyes seem to ask…
  • Yukino and Yui both agreeing with Hikky’s opinion of the other president dude, but being unable to enact instant change. Fixing will take some doing.
  • Shizuka giving Hikky, Yukino, Yui and Irohas tickets to Destiny Land to celebrate the club pulling through.
  • Hikky’s demand for someone to marry Shizuka already, before he’s forced to.
  • The gradual reveal that Yukino is not only a yearly member of Destiny Land, but doesn’t want to go during the busy season.
  • Yui and Hikky working together to convince her to come anyway.


Happiness is:

  • Iroha inviting her crush Hayama, which leads to Miura, Ebina, and Tobe also tagging along. One big happy family. (Unfortunately absent but probably for the best: Kawasaki and Totsuka).
  • The resulting dynamic of Hikky with his two girls (Yukino and Yui), Hayama and his two girls (Miura and Iroha) and Ebina and Tobe, a pairing that Hikky worked so hard to prevent, which led to all that unpleasantness that is now behind them.
  • How Hikky is cut off in the group photo, but the one closest to him is Yukino.


Happiness is: This photo.


Happiness is:

  • Yukino teasing Yui about how there will never be a “next time” in which she’ll allow her photo to be taken.
  • Hikky’s realization the two are only joking around and are actually closer than ever.
  • Ebina properly thanking Hikky once more for what he did, knowing what it cost.
  • Hikky telling Ebina his, Yukino’s and Yui’s problem had nothing to do with her request; it had been brewing before; at best it was a catalyst/last straw.
  • Hikky smiling unironically. I know; I’m scared too!
  • Yukino demanding absolute silence on the Panda Battle ride.


Happiness is:

  • The adorableness that is Yui getting up in Hikky’s face with a panda puppet.
  • The moment Hikky believes Yui is making “the first move” she told him she’d make (last season), rather than wait.
  • The way Hikky agrees to a date at the theme park next door (Amaburi?), “someday,” which is enough for Yui for now.
  • Yui slipping animal ears on herself and Yukino and having Hikky snap their picture.
  • Everyone wanting to give Komachi gifts. She got the ball rolling on Hikky’s redemption, after all. But more than that, she’s just a very cute and lovable sister.


Happiness is:

  • Circumstances working out so Hikky and Yukino end up separated from the others.
  • Yukino taking Hikky’s sleeve in her hand, asking him to “save her someday,” just before their boat takes the plunge. DAT PLUNGE. The silence…pure poetry.


Happiness is: Yukino making relative peace with the fact she isn’t like her sister, or Hikky, and may not “have what they have,” but that’s okay, because she still loves them both. (She doesn’t say that part, but it’s pretty evident.)


Happiness is Hikky, Yukino, and Yui side by side by side, watching the park’s fireworks show, being bathed in warm and cool flashes of light as they wear smiles on their faces.

Happiness is Yukino’s many smiles throughout this episode, in particular that last one looking up at the sky, and Yui whispering to Hikky, again getting as possible close to the person she loves.

Happiness is NOT watching Iroha confess to Hayama, only to get flatly rejected and run off, more upset than we’ve ever seen her.


However, as unhappy an event as it was, I was very happy with how it was portrayed: from the POVs of the others, in particular Hikky; without words, only expressions half-concealed by the shadows. All the planning in the world to create an opportunity for Iroha to get closer to Hayama didn’t mean a thing, because Hayama didn’t want to get closer to her.

Will she now turn to Hikky, fulfilling the prophecy in the OP of Iroha taking her place among the other three Service Club members, filling the void between Hikky and the others? Whatever happens, and as sadly as this episode ended, there was still plenty of happiness to be found.


Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Oregairu 2 – 09”

  1. this was a very deserving approach to reviewing this ep. For eps on eps, this characters have been so gloomy, so to see them finally enjoying each others company in a genuine way, you cant help but point out these moments of bliss for these characters

    1. Thank you! I especially liked the measure of uncertainty among our three leads: “Wait…hold on…Is it really okay to feel like this? Really? Oh, OK then!” As if being happy was something foreign to them…because these last few weeks, it kinda has been.

      Yet they let themselves feel that happiness all the same; let it wash over them and saturate their hearts. Happiness finally managed outweigh their pride, cynicism, and embarrassment, and it was wonderful to behold.

      As Komachi stands over Hikky sprawled on the floor, simply unsure of what to do with his far happier self, there’s an almost master-student moment of “Well done, Grasshopper.”

      There’s certainly more to overcome—Hikky is still very much in a love triangle, if not a love rhombus—but the show still has four whole episodes to address that. An episode of bliss was derserved, and very welcome.

      1. agreed; i was actually taken aback by how brighter things seemed to be with the character dynamics. I was like wait “am i watching oregairu season 2; things arent suppose to be happy for these charact- ” *sees last 40 seconds of episode*……ok there it is

  2. 1 Yes. Amaburi. :)

    2 I hate the way Feel treats Ebina’s offer of gratitude to Hikki. Her transition from raging BL-mode to shows of quiet appreciation is schizoid. I know this abrupt change in behavior is not uncommon in anime, but it shouldn’t be done regardless. Real live people who act like Ebina unsettle other people. This is not the way Ebina is intended to be portrayed. She is supposed to be a safe person for other characters who provides comedy to the audience. But this makes her a clown character not a dramatic one. To be fair, Ebina was presented the same way in S1.

    Ebina may be the character least translatable to a live action adaptation. Likely a Japanese production would totally be faithful. And that is why a Japanese production would suck.

    A much better way would have been to allow Ebina give Hikki a long smiling knowing look to indicate she has something emotionally important she wants to say before changing tone.

    3 After last week’s HIBIKE!, I couldn’t help but imagine how Kyoani would have handled this episode. Then I began to feel disappointed. Gaah. So I stopped. :p

    4 At the center of OREGAIRU is a mystery involving the Yukinoshita family, Yukino in particular, and Hayato. What this mystery is I am not really clear about. Put another way, I’m not all that satisfied with what we know so far. Whatever the mystery is it has kept the two hottest most desired kids in school–Yukino and Hayato–distant from real relationships. Thanks to the people who care about her, Yukino no longer seeks solitude and is utterly grateful to Yui and Hikki for providing her with genuine friendship. But Hayato needs superficial relationships so that he won’t have to commit to a real one and he doesn’t want to change that about himself. He is still trapped by some hang up. I keep wondering whether he has long been infatuated with Yukino, the “Y” he revealed in summer camp he is in love with. But with him you can’t tell everything he’s really thinking even when he’s being honest. The “Y” might just as well be referring to Yui. Ha!

    As things stand now, it is hard for me to consider Yukino a realistic character which is a shame. I keep thinking that I keep coming back to see what Hachiman is going to do next. But really, even more than that, I keep coming back to learn more about the private life of Yukino.

    Anyway, Yui, Hikki, and Iroha are much more relatable characters because they are more understandable. Yukino feels like a poor little rich girl but really isn’t because she does not despair her loneliness. The fact that she compels extreme jealous behavior in other girls does not at all discourage her. Rather, it is her belief that she is unable to measure up to first Haruno and now Hikki in some sort of social skill-set that is a source of her insecurities. Or maybe it is that she feels insecure because without some skill Haruno and Hikki both possess she is unable to defend herself from something that is embedded in the mystery. I wish the episode didn’t gloss over this point again.

    Hikki should have been asking for clarification. I would if I were him. What does she lack compared to him is what he should be asking. And why does she think that she needs the sort of help apparently only he can provide. I have no reason to believe Yukino is lacking in anything compared to Haruno and Hikki. It is very surprising when she asks Hikki to save her–whatever this means–even though previously, we heard Shizuka and Yui also surprisingly ask Hikki to save Yukino. Hayato and Haruno have both also professed relief to see Hikki providing Yukino with some thing that Yukino is desperately looking for. But it’s hard to understand how a girl who is good at almost everything might be struggling. This is bs as far as I’m concerned. Unless what Yukino really wants most is to become romantically involved with Hikki. But this can’t be the full reason since her hangs ups are from before they met. What Hikki and Yukino provide each other is a possibility to get over their respective hangups. But what is that hangup of hers?

    The story is utterly stingy with the leaks about the past. But what can I do? At least it does regularly leak. And in this episode, we saw more hints. One of which is the signal that there is not enough episodes left in S2 to reveal more of the mystery since it seems likely S2 will be preoccupied with ending as S1 did–with a festival. So onto S3 it is. :)

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