Gunslinger Stratos – 04


I’ll admit, I was going to drop this last week, but for the fact it ended with the unexpected death of a character who’d had a non-trivial amount of screen time up to that point. Yes, much of that screen time was spent setting up death flags for her, but it was still a shock to see Sidune get taken out so quickly and gorily. Everyone reacts how I’d expected, which is both good (no one acting out of character) and bad (such reactions are predictable).


While the first half of the episode was about mourning the dead and dealing with the fact it wasn’t any one person’s fault, the second half was all about moving forward, and on to the next battle the Timekeepers set up. Life goes on, except for the people turning into dust. Tooru and Kyoka also had a nice little moment of shared grief, but their would-be kiss is unfortunately interrupted by an alarm.


From there, it’s back to 2015 Tokyo, and more battling with their alternate doubles. Both the other Sidune and Olga get badly injured, and the two Toorus race each other to the goal gate atop Tokyo Sky Tree, in a sequence that really did the massive structure justice in terms of accentuating its sheer scale (only Burj Khalifa is currently taller).

Still, my drop reprieve was only for one additional episode, so this will be all from me, reviews-wise. I imagine if I was a big fan of the game I’d be a little more passionate about it.


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2 thoughts on “Gunslinger Stratos – 04”

  1. Well that’s no surprise. This has been skating right on the edge of my drop line all season, but keeps showing me just enough to hold onto it for another week. If watching it meant reviewing it, though, then I’d drop it too. The story’s okay, if a bit muddled in places, but I can never get absorbed in it because the animation is so bad that it’s constantly pulling my attention away. One of the characters was giving a speech this week and I hardly even looked at the subs because all my eyes could focus on was the bad lip flap coming from his mouth.

  2. I still haven’t decided between dropping or keeping. The death at the end of last week’s episode definitely convinced me to watch the 4th…but I found myself dreading it all week! So, I’m torn. I love the concept–time travel and alternate versions of oneself–but the writing and animation and overall production really hurts it. :(

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