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Oh dear…last week’s revelation that Isla has only 83 days left (and quite a few days fewer than that now) had rekindled our interest in Plastic Memories, but after a total dud like this third episode, I don’t see how I can ever trust it again. I mean, seriously, three eps in and we get a hokey, uninspired moving-in/living with a girl episode?


Rather than anyone telling Tsukasa what should be obvious to anyone who’s been around her for a few years that yes, indeed, Isla will meet the same fate as all the other giftia they retrieve every day, the guys in the office instead offer him increasingly ridiculous advice that Tsukasa carries out Wile. E. Coyote style, to no avail.


It’s cliched, repetitive, and boring, killing all urgency and goodwill created last week. Worse, the fact several days go by as Tsukasa struggles to connect with Isla in their dorm where she used to live alone. He never bothers to wonder whether Isla prefers to keep professional distance despite the fact they have to live together, a stipulation for which there is never any good reason given, so all we have is the implication that “well, if they’re not in the dorm there’s be no opportunities for lame comedy.”


Things take a turn for the dark and pathetic when Tsukasa, now just treating Isla like a normal human girl, which she clearly isn’t, insists on shopping for clothes for her, unaware she has so little experience with street clothes she doesn’t know how to put them on. It’s nice to know Isla wears panties, but I don’t think that was the reason we were welcomed inside her changing room.


The most irritating part of all of this is that Isla likely knows her time will soon be up too, which is probably why she’s trying to avoid making happy new memories or getting closer to anyone. She really doesn’t seem to want Tsukasa in there for that purpose…though I would hope she’d reconsider whatever feelings she has for him after witnessing his unbelievably stupid hijinx.

By the end, he realizes the only thing she’s really comfortable doing is serving him tea. We apparently had to waste a whole episode for him to learn that.

As unflattering as Tsukasa was this week, we also learned that Yasutaka and Kazuki, the two people we know without a doubt know Isla will be gone in less than 80 days left, are petty cruel people. What do they have to gain by keeping that info from Tsukasa…Productivity?


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7 thoughts on “Plastic Memories – 03”

  1. RIP the Plastic Memories dream.

    Ya gonna do what ya did last season and watch a previous (and amazing) show you somehow missed?

    (It still boggles my mind none of y’all picked up Attack on Titan)

    1. I watched the first five minutes or so of Titan when it first came out, and was turned off by Titan designs. From then on the show obviously gained a lot of popularity, but I’ve kinda made my peace with the fact that ship sailed for me and I don’t have a pressing need to hop on it.

      One reason I’m dropping Plamemo (aside from the fact it’s a hot mess) is that I need to cut back on shows I’m reviewing. Gunslinger Stratos is next on the chopping block, but a twist in the third episode is keeping me around at least one more episode.

      If I end up dropping Gunslinger, I’ll be left with Ghost in the Shell, Fate/stay night (filling in for a very busy Franklin), and Sidonia, plus a couple Zane and Preston shows I’m side-watching. That’s a heavy trio, and more than enough for me this Spring.

      1. Fair enough (y’all never mentioning it made me think y’all somehow lived in an oasis separated from big Internet phenomenon).

        Was just curious. :)

        (if you ever review Fate/Zero or Kara no Kyoukai I’ll be supremely happy tho ;v; ) (Zero after UBW tho)

  2. That’s cause Attack on Titan sucked; The first two Plastic Memories may not have been great, but I was enjoying it until this garbage episode. Why do you have a show with such great dramatic potential and shove in an uninspired romantic comedy episode?

  3. I’m glad someone else felt more or less the same way about this episode that I did. I wasn’t even able to keep watching the whole episode; about half way through it, I decided to stop watching the series.

    The series had serious problems with story logic anyway, but I thought I might be able to forgive if for being beyond my limited capacity for suspended belief if it developed its characters in an interesting way. Instead, this episode undermined any character development that had been accomplished so far for some cheap laughs which I didn’t find the least bit funny. I have better ways to spend my time than to watch this kind of trash.

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