Denpa Kyoushi – 03


Kagami’s voluntary dismissal from school seemingly ended the “weekly student project” format I had become comfortable with and fond for, and all for reasons that didn’t do Kagami any favors in the likability department.


Still, like me, Hiiragi Koyomi (later nicknamed “Options” by Kagami because she herself says she’s loaded with them) has enjoyed watching Kagami improve the lives of his students with amusing methods, and wants to see more of that at her school.


Only Kagami doesn’t want to teach, so Hiiragi formulates an elaborate military operation, using all of the resources and connections at her disposal to track him down. I think the overarching joke is that Kagami isn’t really on the run, but just has a very busy schedule of YD activities in Akiba.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t dig the whole chase sequence. I’ve seen super-rich people put on much better shows than Hiiragi did here, and the show’s animation bordered on the putrid this week, and really didn’t do Akiba justice. Hiiragi’s minions also seemed particularly incompetent, and I wasn’t buying Kagami’s hacking prowess.


Am I being overly pedantic with a show not intending to be that serious? Perhaps; especially when the chase ends with Suzune literally throwing a big net over Kagami and then tossing him in a burlap sack. Still, it’s good to see Kagami brought back down to earth by his little sister (who knew he liked a certain voice actress) after he was able to defeat the might of Hiiragi family, Jack Bauer-style.


Hiiragi brings Kagami to his sister’s school, Icho, where he’ll teach first before moving up to Hiiragi. But even if its the poorer of the two schools, it’s still pretty fancy. There, Kagami meets Hiiragi’s No. 2, the mirthless twin-tail he quickly nicknames “Irregular Twintails.” Momozono resents Hiiragi recruiting this NEET “thing” just to make things more “amusing.”

Kagami can absorb Twintails’ barbs, but when she turns her ire on Shikishima Kiriko, a student being expelled for having a part time job at a maid cafe, the situation suddenly becomes YD for Kagami. He agree to take the job if Shikishima is reinstated, and vows to teach Momozono about the dignity of maid cafes. And jut like that, we seem to be back in the “weekly student project” format I didn’t mind. Denpa Kyoushi can keep its chase scenes.


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3 thoughts on “Denpa Kyoushi – 03”

  1. At first this episode was a bit of a let down, since it wasn’t focused on the student/teacher relationship aspect I enjoyed from the first two. But then there are at the end I felt the connection between Kagami and poor expelled Kiriko and it was enough to reassure me that show was still going to be good! I hope in the next episode we’ll get a full lecture from Kagami Sensei!


  2. Its kind of weird how the 2nd and 3rd episode has deviated from the manga material while going nowhere.

    In Episode 2:
    -the class rep is an anime only character, in the manga, the shop lifter was “options”
    -Kagami wasn’t getting kicked out because of the rumors, he got replaced by a teacher with a degree. the new teacher was kind of a dick which is why Kagami gave the students the super item in the game

    In Episode 3:
    -the whole Akihabra chase never happened. the main conflict in this section was that Kagami got a job offer from Cern to make the Dokemedo Door at the same time as the job offer from “options”

    Overall, I was fine with what they did with episode 2, but the change to episode 3 was pretty boring. Not only was the chase boring, just the concept of it was uncharacteristic of “options” whom in the manga seems to understand Kagami best and usually gets the job done.

    1. Truth be told, if things don’t pick up next week, I’ll probably drop this from my review list. It’s getting harder to ignore the ugliness of the animation, though this episode’s ambitious action plot made the shortcomings more overt.

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