Ore Monogatari!! – 01 (First Impressions)

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A giant boy with ogre-like features lives in the shadow of his more popular male friend, until one day the the ogre rescues a girl on a train and, despite his looks, she seems to have fallen for him.

And his friend, who has never cared for any girl, has an eye for her. A love triangle, a story of social justice, and a damn fine comedy ensues!

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You should watch Ore Monogatari!! because its protagonist is unusual and the fact that the show treats him with reverence, instead of as a joke, shows a degree of social conscience not too frequent in anime or, bluntly, Japanese culture.

As with Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s unstated presentation of autism, and the un-importance of that mental state in regards to a person having value, strengths, and above all else deserving love, Ore Monogatari!! gives it’s unstated mixed protagonist social justice.

It’s hella funny too, not surprisingly for the same reasons GSN-k was chokingly funny.

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If you need an excuse not to watch this show, like GSN-k, it has intentional moments of rest between the comedy, and is unlikely to present much action. Likewise, it isn’t overly pretty to look at—not ugly—just plain looking.

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OM!! can be subtle too, which I guess you may not like. Or, perhaps, you’re fried on all the high school dramas out there or find the socially awkward things teenagers do is too cringeworthy to watch?

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Honestly, all those criticisms feel like a stretch to me. The cringes were never that great and, to me, they were counterbalanced by the geniality of the three central characters.

The dialogue is tight, the humor well-timed and amusing, and it all has heart. What else can you ask for from a Grade-A comedy like this?


6 thoughts on “Ore Monogatari!! – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. This has the same director and character designer of Chihayafuru, along with a few other shared key crew. That seems to have given this an instant fanbase. I took a look at the manga and it’s amazing how it goes against expectations, so I’m really looking forward to this.

    Just in this first episode, I like how Takeo isn’t some reclusive, bitter nerd. He’s an accomplished athlete whose best friend is the pretty boy he’d be fighting in a shallower narrative.

    (I’m not sure I’d use autism to describe anyone in GSN-k, by the way.)

    1. Nozaki-kun is autistic. At least, in the semi-traditional way Japanese culture represents (and does not talk about) autistics.

      There is nothing wrong with that. Quite the opposite, really. Since Nozaki is such a likable character and that the show portrays him as a good, productive person in society regardless.

      Same thing is going on here: it’s not stated, but the protagonist is definitely mixed race. (look at his mother’s hair) It’s not talked about, and not used to beat the viewer over the head, but the passive result of the show portraying him as a likable character, who deserves the love of others, is a broader statement about mixed peopled (as viewers or as people the viewer may encounter) deserve love too.

      social justice ;)

      1. Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with you on both Takeo being biracial and Nozaki being autistic. I think you’re looking for social commentary where there is none.

        I’d argue this more forcefully, but I’m not getting my third season of Chihayafuru, so nothing seems to matter now…

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