Kantai Collection: KanColle – 06


This week KanColle ditches most of its action, all of its drama, and focuses on an entirely new group of young destroyers, the Akatsuki-class of Group Six. The only battle they fight is against their fellow fleet girls, and it’s not a naval battle…but a curry battle.


After proving it could do good character work, along with the aforementioned action and drama, this episode came off as a bit of a disappointment, if an inoffensive one. Really, it reminded me of Girl Friend BETA, a show in which the number of characters kept multiplying and changing. But it’s also a show that even Zane dropped, because while its stories were never all that bad, they weren’t really hefty or novel enough to.


It’s also worth noting that both GFB and KanColle are based upon games, and part of the role of their anime versions is to promote the characters. One commenter pointed out that the popularity of the characters in Fubuki’s new fleet jumped after last week’s episode, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens with these new girls.


But while both last week and this can be un-cynically be regarded as glorified commercials, last week was more tolerable because it focused on the protagonist Fubuki and had an actual battle. The Iron (or rather Steel) Chef-style battle is mostly just messing round, and the underdogs predictably win when most of their competitors self-destruct.


The fact that they did win over the only other contestant left standing because Secretary Ship Nagato is sick of eating spicy curry, and Group Six’s was mild, was actually kind of cute, because it shows us another side of her, but the cold open teased her going into something more substantial than a curry judging, and didn’t deliver quite the way I’d hoped.


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9 thoughts on “Kantai Collection: KanColle – 06”

      1. Yeah, sorry. I think Hannah could have liked it but she (and everyone else) is already watching Rolling Girls. Not exactly apples to apples as a comparison but it has enough that no one wants to spend time with the ‘downer with the dull color pallete and confusing, reference heavy non-comedy sense of humor” :( tough sell

      2. No way I’m starting a show six weeks in that requires at least some familiarity with the franchise to enjoy (I have none). KanColle, at least, has elements I have some knowledge of, i.e. naval battles and minutiae.

  1. I would agree that this episode was a bit disappointing. Not a lot happened, which is ok, but it didn’t make up for it really in any other way (like being funny or character development). It was just kind of there.

    1. Even the tidbits of trivia, like the constant and not-so-subtle nudging that Hibiki was transferred to the Soviets, or references to Ashigara as the “Hungry Wolf”, felt more forced this week.

      Fubuki’s top-heaviness, for instance, was a lot more pertinent to her early troubles, while Hibiki being Russian is just…an excuse for her to blurt out Russian things.

      And believe it or not, I didn’t really have a searing need to see that bit of Shoukaku’s g-string!

  2. Despite my earlier concerns regarding its historical revisionism, I’m still watching Kancolle. I found the current episode kind of cute with the four destroyer girls taking centre stage.However, like most of Kancolle, it wears its contrived exploitative nature on its sleeve, even resorting to some clunky fan service to hook its fanbase in. Compared to other Mecha Musume animes I’ve watched, Kancolle isn’t cutting it.

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