Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 – 05


Nanami and Tomoe weren’t actualy apart that long these last two episodes, but as Nanami remarks, the netherworld had a way of skewing time, making it seem like far more than four days of separation, for her as well as me. Now Tomoe is a yokai again, and in prison. Is it Nanami’s turn to save him?


Well…he asks for space, insisting it’s his decision whether to become her familiar again. And in his yokai form, he’s a bit of a short fuse, so Nanami gives him that space and tries to focus on work as Tomoe sulks in the dark. But in fine dysfunctional courtship form, both of them can think of nothing but the other, as if they had cast spells on one another.

Mizuki tells Tomoe his feelings for Nanami won’t go away just because he’s no longer contracted with her. So what does Tomoe do? Break into her room at night and contract with her, with the customary kiss, and boom, just like that, the Tomoe Yokai Experiment is resolved.


The fact that a contract or lack of same had no effect on his feelings for her has a profound effect on Tomoe. It occurs to him he has fallen for her, but he can’t help but express that fall by yelling, scolding, bullying, and teasing. Matters aren’t helped by the fact that Nanami reiterates her love for him, but knows he’s not interested in her in that way at all. If he wasn’t, things would be much easier.


Just when you think he’s realized he’s gone too far and comforts her, he follows it up by trying to strip her! In any case, this is a classic case of someone reflexively taking their romantic frustration out on the very object of their affection.

Tomoe doesn’t like himself in this state anymore than Nanami does. But once the Divine Assembly officially concludes with a big divine party, Tomoe is able to be civil and even debonair as her escort. Then Nanami chases a familiar butterfly that leads her to Mikage.


Nanami’s duties at the diving assembly, which she was performing in Mikage’s stead, involved distributing strings of destiny to and fro with the other gods, deciding who will be matched with whom in the mundane world. What Nanami didn’t know is that a similar string connects her and Tomoe; a pairing facilitated explicitly by Mikage himself.

He knows Tomoe better than anyone else in any dimension. And so Mikage knows—and it has been confirmed time and again to us by Tomoe’s behavior towards Nanami—that Tomoe believes humans to frail and fleeting in their existence to devote his full soul to. He had done so once before with Yukiji, who passed away while he lingered. Human and yokai relationships are taboo because of the vast difference in lifespans.


Mikage brought Nanami to Tomoe to teach him that humans aren’t weak. Nanami was cast away by her family and gone through innumerable hardships, but never gives up, never hesitates to help others, and never fails to flash a big adorable smile when Tomoe is around…and not acting like a dick.

Mikage’s aim was to “rekindle Tomoe’s bond with humanity”, by choosing Nanami, taboo be damned. But while Nanami and Tomoe have yet to figure out how such a thing will work, but the fact he came back to and contracted with her unbidden by anything other than his love for her, proves there’s is no shortage of sparks at the heart of that kindling.


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 – 05”

  1. I appreciated the moment where Nanami cries out of frustration with Tomoe’s aggression.

    I’m not sure how to put this in a PC way, but it’s another example of how this series is written by a woman. Male writers, for the most part, will often forget that someone will cry when stressed out. I’ve been talking with writers about writing outside their own experiences and biases a lot lately, so this kind of stood out for me.

    Of course, this isn’t to discount the writer’s talent or to suggest that all female characters should cry when stressed. But compare Nanami to, say, Misaka Mikoto, who is a character I like. Misaka is more likely to just get angry in every situation until she falls into a brooding state.

    Unrelated: I saw another blog suggest that people are finding this season as superior to the first. I personally feel like they’ve perfectly melded the two. It’s as if the first never ended. Any thoughts on the two seasons?

    1. I also thought Nanami’s reaction was very true to her character.

      If someone starts yelling at me out of the blue, I typically yell right back, but if the conflict persists it isn’t long before tears accompany that yelling.

      It’s a natural reaction to a sudden increase in stress, but not a sign of weakness on Nanami’s part, just another demonstration of how damn expressive and passionate she is, and how much she cares about Tomoe. This isn’t him, but after her talk with Mikage, I think she understands his erratic behavior a little more.

      If purely looking back on our first season ratings, it’s neck and neck, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this season continues to get better. It certainly hasn’t missed a beat so far.

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