Kantai Collection: KanColle – 02


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This was a pleasant fall-down/get-up training episode that explored more of how the strange world of pretty anthropomorphic ships works, and inched Fubuki a little further towards respectability.  No battles with Abyssals this week, but Secretary Ship Nagato has plans for one soon, of which Fubuki will be an important part. The only problem is, while she impresses her peers in classroom theory, she’s an absolute disaster in the water.


After witnessing a bit of Fubuki’s flailing, Nagato warns Fubuki’s light cruiser senpais Sendai, Jintsuu and Naka that if the lil’ destroyer can’t cut it, she’ll recommend the admiral strike her from the fleet. It may sound harsh, but there’s no point in sending a destroyer out there that’s just going to get herself destroyed, is there?


Fubuki tracks down Fleet Carrier Akagi, who is having a 15-hour repair bath when the admiral sends along an “instant repair wash”. Afterwards they have lunch, and Akagi repairs Fubuki’s confidence just by being awesome, but when Fubuki settles in for the night, she becomes the recipient of some more direct assistance, courtesy of her cruiser senpais.


Sendai gives her balance training, Jintsuu target practice, and Naka…er…idol practice? Charisma? The thing is, the three sister ships train her in consecutive sessions, and end up exhausting her. Fubuki’s friend Mutsuki suspects bullying or hazing is afoot and steps up to defend her (worried they’ll “sink” her if they continue. Turns out the sister ships failed to coordinate their individual plans to help Fubuki improve; no sinister senpais here.


Yet even as Mutsuki stands up for Fubuki, Fubuki herself is back out of bed and outside, training hard; a gesture that convinces the cruisers that Fubuki has “the soul of a torpedo girl”; she just needs their help to blossom as a warship. An exhaustive and exhausting training regimen ensues, documented via montage.


It’s often the case that such montages start with failure and end with the protagonist suddenly great at everything she trained for. Refreshingly, that’s not the case here. When she must perform in a training exercise, Fubuki is certainly better than she was, but she’s still far form full combat readiness, which is what the cruisers report to Nagato.


However, they also report that Fubuki isn’t going to give up, and if she falls, she gets back up and tries again. She’s got “the right stuff” as it were. It’s probably the reason the still-unseen admiral invited her into the fleet to begin with.

He knew she’d charm and inspire the other fleet girls into take her under their wing and show her the ropes. Satisfied with her progress, Nagato assigns the three cruisers, plus Fubuki, Mutsuki and Yuudachi, to an upcoming battle that will be theirs to win or lose.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

4 thoughts on “Kantai Collection: KanColle – 02”

  1. So far I can only see two audiences for this show: people who are already fans of the game, or Naval history buffs like me who are at least amused by the idea of anthropomorphic warships. I’ve been reading books on the Pacific campaign since grammar school, so I’m also noticing and appreciating those little historical details you mentioned. Like Fubuki being top heavy, which was also a serious problem for the real Fubuki-class destroyers, as well as many other Japanese warships (you also have to admit that it’s kind of refreshing for an anime girl to be “top heavy” in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with her bust size).

    If you’re not a game player or historian, though, then I don’t know where the hook is here. Even without playing the game it’s been easy enough to follow the plot so far, but everything it’s given us aside from the novelty of the premise has been pretty generic stuff, albeit mostly well-executed. I’m just wondering how it’s going to keep us watching once the novelty wears off.

    1. As long as the series remains this consistent, I don’t see a problem in KanColle keeping its viewership. I’m no history buff, and my only knowledge of the original material comes from reddit posts, but I’m fairly pleased with how the show is turning out. Definitely no top of the season, but even as Hannah has mentioned, Kancolle is so far giving a refreshing spin on some common tropes. I personally enjoy the art and characters and as long as the characters and relationships keep developing, this series should end fairly strong.

      1. I generally agree with that – and the key will be exactly what you said, “as long as the characters and relationships keep developing.” It’s definitely been entertaining, for sure, and it’s easily one of the best-looking shows of the season so far. But Hannah has also so far just given a 7 to both episodes, and I agree with her evaluation, because we haven’t been given much depth or development yet. That’s what I’m kind of wondering aloud about – whether it’s going to give us more substance at some point or just stick to spectacle. It’s still early, though.

  2. All I know is, all those hours poring over Jane’s Fighting Ships of WWII and playing P.T.O. on the Sega Genesis is serving me well with this show so far ;)

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