Oigakkosan’s Winter 2015 Bracket – Semifinalist Poll

Some of you have expressed a desire for the semi-finalists to get more chances to prove their worth and, now that I’ve cut my review list down to 6 shows, I’m not against this.

9 thoughts on “Oigakkosan’s Winter 2015 Bracket – Semifinalist Poll”

  1. To be technical, my impressions were that it’d be nice to see both Death Parade and Yurikuma continue to be reviewed if they’re both very good, rather then one eliminate the other.

      1. Yeah, I mean if you’re okay with eliminating only 1 episode a week, why not make it the weakest of the entire group instead of the weakest of each pair.

      2. It it’s just ‘drop the weakest 3’ why not just do that all at once? There isn’t much tension if World Break, Binan and Maria all go away. Not for me or the reader.

        I guess I’m just drawn to conflict — that a show or 2 that people may care about — that may even be good, could drop away.

        Keeping it one a week, but letting the readers choose which pair each week, lets you guys choose who gets the longer ‘under dog’ shot at an upset.

  2. Wooo…lookit you, gettin’ all fancy with a poll!

    Personally, I’m with Tausif-san: I’d like to see you retain Yurikuma and Death Parade, along with Yatterman.

  3. You forgot the “What a stupid way to decide anything” option. Just sayin;….

  4. Okay so it looks like Junketsu and World break are getting a solo show down this week… actually today… if World Break had actually appeared in my stream :(

    I’ll do an update as soon as it appears and I’ve seen it

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