Oigakkosan’s Winter 2015 Bracket


My role on RABUJOI’s staff is partially to search for gems hidden among the shows that missed our radar when planning out our schedule. This season, I’m using a bracket system to more quickly focus on the shows that are good and worth reviewing.

My loose plan is outlined above but may change if more than one late-arrival is amazing or if I receive hand-me-downs from my fellow reviewers. Who knows? I could drop to fewer than three shows since I’m already co-reviewing Cross Ange, Drrrr x2, and Parasyte.

Seiken World Breaker and Sengoku Musou look to be my current late arrivals. Do you know of anything else I should watch that isn’t on the list? Questions? Drop a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Oigakkosan’s Winter 2015 Bracket”

    1. I just watched it (and writing the review in a bit) and I can’t decide if it’s terrible or so terrible it’s funny? At least in the beginning, the whole magic writing and everything the characters say had me laughing until blood started pouring out of my eyes!

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