Juuou Mujin no Fafnir – 01 (First Impressions)


Juuou Mujin no Fafnir is terrible. There’s no avoiding that and no value in digging deeper than that. It has one of those narrated openings that tells us that monsters showed up for now reason and without warning and that people started to gain abilities like monsters…

…and then dumps us on an island with a teenage boy who’s drawn like he’s twelve stumbling on a girl who looks about the same who’s naked on a beach for no reason. His sister is there, though not naked, and she’s the student council president at the all-girls school that he’s enrolled in 120 seconds later. JMnF is a cliche, pure and simple.


If you liked World Breaker last season, and if this show’s dialog eventually manages  irony, without sounding forced, then maybe you would like it. The art is sub par. The effects are sub par. The animation is sub par. The voice actors are doing all the can but the writing is a smelly turd.

If you can get through all of that, or if you are massively desperate for loli no-nipple boobs, loli-harem, then maybe. Maybe you would watch this.


But realistically you wouldn’t watch this. Even in a slow season, there are shows you’ve missed in previous seasons you can go back and watch or games to play or for God sakes go read a book.

Don’t watch this show!


4 thoughts on “Juuou Mujin no Fafnir – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. While I don’t think this episode was great, I don’t think it deserved a 4. Between absolute duo and this series I think this one wins out slightly on story telling and characters. In absolute duo’s first episode, all of the characters personalities seemed completely bland to me with none of them having any noticeable personality traits. they also didn’t really go in depth with the concepts of blaze and the academy. While there were a lot of cliches in Fafnir, I feel that they at least explained more on their academy, their magic system, and the immediate threat to the world. Also, feel that I could pick out personality traits from Iris and Mitsuki while Julie had 0 personality.

    Between those two series, I think Fafnir deserved the 6 more than Absolute Duo

    1. Really? This seemed exactly like every other blandly drawn magic school battle anime I’ve ever seen? While not beautiful, at least Absolute Duo was competently drawn, didn’t start with a omnipotently narrated mega info dump, and didn’t immediately flash our hero with tits/a clumsy tsundere who calls him a pervert?

      Maybe I could see it getting a 5? While I hated the setting, characters, and obvious arc, I suppose they were completely standard to the loli-ecchi-harem end of this genre. So my 4 could be read as a bit leaning low for personal taste. Definitely not a 6 though.

      Don’t get me wrong, they’re both worthlessly cliché, been there done that genre animes. Just this one played the ecchi angle up, the ages down, and the story sideways.

      1. I’d say 5 is probably a good spot. Don’t think the narrator made an info dump since the principal and yuu’s conversation is what really gave the in-depth explanation along with the training room scene.

        O well, keep up the good work looking for something good this season

      2. I think 6 of the 12 new shows I’m reviewing are good this season. Not top shelf winners. Not all of them. But good. Toss in Rolling Girls and a few others my fellow reviewers are covering and you have a decent selection to choose from :)

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