Shinmai Maou no Testament – 01 (First Impressions)


A boy walks in on a buxom girl who’s half naked and changing in an unlocked restaurant unisex bathroom. The girl then becomes his stepsister.

A boy wakes up and his half-dressed stepsister is grinding herself against his crotch, softly moaning for a while and then hits him under false pretexts. Then they fall off the bed on top of each other and are embarrassed. Then his younger other stepsister makes him breakfast in a skimpy outfit and implies he should make a move on her.


A girl waits for her step brother next to a grocery store around mid-day in an idyllic country setting. However a gang of rape-hungry thugs surround her and prepare to have their way with her. Her step brother saves her by killing a thug with his bicycle and quickly covering their escape with a cloud of recently purchased pepper.

A boy’s father has to go overseas and leaves his teenage son alone with his two step sisters, who immediately turn out to be magical and attack him and the younger of the two turns into a sort-of bondage demon, complete with wings and tail. The other step sister is a demon lord.


A sexy loli-demon exhibitionist exemplifies bad storytelling through lengthy world-building exposition, while taunting a boy after the credits. Fear not, for he turns out to be a great hero and defeats them!

But it turns out the demon lord is good and he will have to protect her in order for the hero tribe and the demons to find peace!


Shinmai Maou Testament must be what old people think all anime is like. It’s a ludicrous string of nonsensically sexualized situations with characters we don’t know and, honestly, don’t have any reason to care about.

It is aggressively stupid and not especially attractive nor are any of the characters interesting in any way. Worse, the plot is told at us by characters, as far out of left field as all the sexy antics and almost nothing gets to be experienced in a meaningful way.


You could like it: if you want a dumb, marginally sexy action flick without any surprises. It’s not especially well-animated but, in all fairness, some of the action comes off with style. At least the scene where the protagonist sheathes his sword/arm and turns away from the girls.

Otherwise… you may appreciate the gender reversal of the demon lord trope? However, since she’s not the protagonist, any twists we’ll get from that reversal are lost to the perspective of not the protagonist.


As first impressions go, I’m hard pressed to think of a show that’s done worse. Sure, there are some shows that are complete failures but this, even more than Absolute Duo, screams “I am completely average but not even well-executed, technically speaking.”

Good times.


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    1. hahahaha! You know me too well! :)

      Actually, it is likely to get dropped HOWEVER! This season we are trying something new! Instead of dropping things left and right on my gut feelings each week, I have a bracket system that I will update at the end of each week. Week 1 will cut me from 10 to 5 shows, then down to 3, and then (possibly) down to 1 (not counting my existing shared shows)

      More on that tonight or tomorrow though ;)

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