End-of-Month Rundown – December 2014

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Here it is: the last chart of 2014. It’s smaller still than last month’s, due to our saying sayonara to five more shows we either couldn’t find time or ran out of enthusiasm for.

As expected, the battle for the top remained heated until the very last week, with Fate stay/night UBW ending up on top due to a strong ending.

Note that if we excluded episode 00, Fate would fall to two hundredths of a point below Uso…but excluding episode 00 would be silly!

The chart above is the culmination of 200 rated Fall episodes. The total episode tally of the dropped shows comes to 155 for a total of 355 rated episodes.

Some Lessons Learned (in no particular order) :

  • Don’t stick with a show that may look and sound great but seems to be perpetually stalling. (Sora no Methodthough Preston did watch the rest and it ended okay).
  • Avoid shows you can’t say anything nice about. (Akatsuki no Yona, Nanatsu no Taizai).
  • Don’t keep reviewing shows you can’t say anything at all about, aside from providing a summary (Ronja).
  • Shows that air bi- or tri-weekly have a much greater chance of falling by the wayside (Sailor Moon Crystal).
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover (Ookami Shoujo)…
  • …Unless the cover is obviously representative of the book (Hi SCoool! Seha Girl).
  • Drop shows quickly and focus on giving the shows you really love the attention they deserve; don’t drag things out (Many examples).
  • While it’s nice to run comparisons between two similar shows (Daitoshokan and InoBato), it’s probably best to pick one or the other in a busy season.
  • Don’t automatically commit to sequels. They might end up stinking (Chaika).



6 thoughts on “End-of-Month Rundown – December 2014”

  1. I need to add: “Don’t trust Oigakkosan to review shows on time between Thanksgiving and New Years day”

    Ugh, children make the holidays extra hectic.

  2. If i have learned anything this anime season, its that anime is too unpredictable. Several times, there were series that I thought would be amazing, to become mediocre or have poor endings (Sora no method and Chaika). There were also many series I expected to turn out poorly but were actually really good like Bahamut (who expected a series originating from a card game to turn out so well).

    Overall I think it might be a good idea next season if you guys start off the season reviewing about half of the series you can handle and pick up any series being super hyped about a third into the season. You guys can also review old series that you may have missed at the beginning of the season. At least that will save you the pains of reviewing the first 2-3 episodes of something only to drop it.

    1. thats an interesting spin to try in the future — a growing schedule instead of a shrinking one — and we’ll have to mull over how we’d do it in spring or summer.

      Winter is going to start off with a throw down, nose-bloddying melee for most of my shows. (I have 10 on my radar but will drop 4-6 of them at the end of the first week… since I’m already sharing 3 other shows that I won’t drop)

  3. I only watch about four shows at a time. I usually stick with all of them to the end before playing catch-up inbetween seasons.

    I never picked up AnY, though I did see one blog that liked it. I also have yet to get to Shigatsu. I stuck with Sora no Method, which just made me feel angry by the end. Ookami was a show I almost dropped, but it became my favorite of the season.

    I was a bit disappointed to see Gugure Kokkuri-san dropped. The last episodes were the most ambitious. I also liked Danna’s ending and especially the penultimate episode.

    I keep forgetting that PSYCHO-PASS 2 happened. I guess that sums up that show.

    1. my fault I’m afraid :(

      Both shows were mine and worth watching. I just had no time for them due to parent/holiday responsibilities.

      My reason for dropping DGNHS was mostly due to the lack of readers — it was by far my least read review tag — and that it started spinning it’s wheels around episode 8.

      I dropped Kokkuri-san because the formula started to feel like a chore after the hot springs ep. I’m glad it got better afterwards but I honestly lost interest 2 episodes after Mr Fox became male again…

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