Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – 11


In “All Roads Lead to Abos”, Bahamut is bursting with big bold Bahamut battles, as befits a show nearing its big finish. Things weren’t going so swell last time we were here: Jeanne’s a demon, Favaro’s a demon, Amira’s a key, and practically everything is going Beelzebub’s and Martinet’s way. Oh yeah, and Kaisar is released from his crystal coffin to fall to his death.


Meanwhile, with Azazel aboard Bacchu’s carriage, Rita continues to slave over her alchemy equipment, brewing…something, and the angels continue to drop one after another from the honeycomb barrier keeping Bahamut at bay. We see what Martinet had in mind for the great saint when Dark Jeanne swoops in on her stone dragon and skewers both Raphael and Uriel, weakening the barrier significantly before turning on Michael. What a terrible perversion of Jeanne’s power!


Kaisar manages to catch the rope of Favaro’s (I think) crossbow, but falls again when everything starts shaking. Fortunately, Bacchus’ carriage arrives in time to catch him. UNfortunately, that’s when Goth Jeanne spots them, and she’s not going to leave them alone.


This means Bacchus has to actually do something, but Jeanne knocks him off his carriage, forcing Hamsa to blow up like a balloon and catch him. Nice work, Hamsa. After bandying words with Azazel, Kaisar is given an antidote to give to Favaro by Rita, who prepares to toss a second into Visual Jeanne’s mouth. Unfortunately, Hamsa accidentally knocks Kaisar overboard (Fall #3) and deflects Rita’s severed arm-and-severed hand pill flick. Nice work, Hamsa.


Jeannetallica seems poised to finish our motley crew off, but Michael swoops in, grabs her, and having caught Rita’s antidote, puts it in his mouth and transfers it to Jeanne’s with a kiss. Good ol’ Regular Jeanne is back, but is distressed to find she had already stabbed Michael through, dispersing (and possibly killing?) him. For his part, Michael is glad Jeanne still lives to lead humanity to salvation, but that’s looking like a taller order by the minute as Beelzebub nears Bahamut.


Bacchus, Hamsa, and Rita arrive on his ship thing’s deck as Azazel, having saved Kaisar, starts to battle Beels mano-a-mano. Meanwhile, Kaisar turns his attention to Dark Fava, who doesn’t even fight like the Favaro he knows. Convinced he has no choice (or there’s no hope for him), rather than give him the antidote (I guess he lost it?) he fires a quarrel into Fava’s chest, disabling him. Obviously, this can’t be the end of Favaro, though.


As for Keymira, she emerges from her red ball glowing pinkish purple, and lights spring forth from Bahamut (now free of his barrier) to snatch her up. Uh-oh…

Kaisar is surprised to find Lavalley has arrived, as am I. I’m even more surprised to know he wants Bahamut released. He then shoves Kaisar off the ledge (Fall #4).


Even with gods arriving from left and right (well, actually, from above), things are still not going to hot for those who don’t want the world destroyed. Amira may already be one with Bahamut now, who wakes up in the last shot, apparently ready to throw some titular RAGE around. How in the heck is this mess going to get resolved?


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One thought on “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – 11”

  1. To quote Amira, “It tingled!”

    Yep, this episode made me feel the same excitement that the first couple of episodes gave us. The fast, almost frantic pace of this episode really gave it a sense of urgency and ‘oh crap, this is happening right now’. Too easy did we see Marinet’s plans just fall right into place with Jeanne and for what it’s worth, she kills things rather well.

    I did sense ‘something’ with how Michael brought Jeanne back with that kiss. That was a hot kiss there, Angel Guy. Methinks some Nephilim were in the future there, eh…?? Anyway, Michael admitting that the current stand-offish relationship they had with humans attributed to this, despite him being the one advocating that they have closer dialogue with the humans, kinda hit closer to home than most. I hate it when the people who wish for changes like this usually end up getting the short end of fate. Still, it sounds as if he can come back later on so, no tears wasted.

    And just what were those other gods doing up there!? ALL THOSE GODS were just chilllin’ up there or something!? Holy cow, why didn’t one of the Angels just tell them to go down to the city and keep watch or something – most of that BS would have been averted. It’s not like they were doing much up there anyway… >.>

    Rita acting so much like Kaiser’s caring yet snarky big sister was a delight. I love how they came together even though we didn’t see a lot of their relationship building up to it. Rita is arguably the coolest one of the rag-tag group. Speaking of, Bacchus stepping up to duel against Dark Jeanne in the air like that. Balancing on a balloned duck is no doubt a hard feat but he managed to hang in there. :D

    Anyway, here’s looking to a great finale next week. A shame it’s not longer but all good things must come to an end (and great things must end sooner before they wear out their welcome).

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