So, while it looks like Mika was S.O.L. last week, it turns out the world’s worst mother-son pair isn’t done with her. Kasei (actually Mrs. Togane) tells her the whole truth about Sybil being composed of the criminally asymptomatic, and Mika responds with applause, whether out of genuine admiration and approval or straight up primal fear. 

To drive point home that the Toganes aren’t the most savory sort, we’re treated to a flashback in which Sakuya’s mother provides him with puppies to slaughter.


I’m sure many of you were waiting patiently for the proof that Akane isn’t actually a boy, and this week the show gives us a rare glimpse at her bod. Not sure why, as the closest she’s ever come to being portrayed as anything resembling a sexual being was when Shion hugged her once, but I often find it easier to think things through after a nice shower, and Akane definitely has things to think through.


As she does, Dr. Masuzaki is killed, by a Dominator, while in custody. Mika suspects Sakuya had something to do with it, but is being forced to bear many a secret, including the fact that she’s now in league with people who are working to turn Akane’s hue black. Not that there’s anything she can do about it; she was never one to put her life before others, and she fell into their clutches fair and square. Every day she’s not dead is a victory for her.


This week was also a return to the Psycho-Pass tradition of digging up the most effed-up scum of the earth who have way too much time and money on their hands, and are involved in some kind of bizarre ring involving humans, holos, and zoo animals.

Kamui is at this dinner, along with his host Kuwashima Koichi, a former classmate who transferred just before the plane crash who was later saved from latent criminality by Kamui. The whole night is really just an elaborate way of taking out trash that is no longer needed for their plans.


Once that’s done, and an entire hall in Chiyoda goes up in flames, the MWPSB arrives right on queue, led by Akane. Kuwashima meets her there, as willingly as Masuzaki did, but he has a gift for her: the ear of her grandmother, the one person I suspected could raise her coefficient. Again, Mika knows Sakuya has something to do with it.


Just as Mika dug up too much on Sybil to be left alone, so too has Akane with regards to Kamui. Kamui personally doesn’t seem to care one way or another, and actually wants her to “witness the judgment” that’s about to come. But the grandma thing sure makes it look like Kuwashima and Sakuya are in cahoots to mess with Akane, and I daresay they succeeded. Then again, I may be underestimating Akane’s grit.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “PSYCHO-PASS 2 – 09”

  1. I hear some reviewers really hate the current twist thus far, given they feel it goes against Season 1’s writing. This would be due to new head writer Ubukata Tow, whose writing style is more sensationalist than Urobuchi’s.

    1. For that matter, I what Urobuchi himself thinks about the new direction, as it’s his baby being messed with.

      Would he be as careful in his comments as he was in his writing, or would he take a page from his successor and let him have it?

      I for one have noticed a lot more shock factor and less sophistication in the writing, so suspected a changing of the writing guard was the cause.

      I could have also noticed the different name in the OP, but I must’ve been distracted by the pictures.

      1. He’s still advising on the project. There’s also the movie coming out, so my guess is that he views this as a side project.

        That’s sort of how I’ve come to terms with this season. It’s not really Psycho-Pass 2, it’s Psycho-Pass: SS.

        My biggest complaint is that Sybil has been reduced to Doctor Claw. They inexplicably have their hands in every dirty deed in the world. Did they really need to be responsible for Kamui AND Togane?

        Dystopias are scary when you can see how we might be tempted into them. That was what was so fascinatingly frustrating about Psycho-Pass’ original vision. Sybil was this awful system, but it also DID point out criminals with some accuracy. It DID make it hard to be a violent criminal. Now, you can be rendered Decompose Ready after just one really bad day. Was the woman in the first episode of season one just stronger than everyone in the medical clinic?

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