Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 08


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru 08 finally spells out just how screwed the girls of Hero Club are going to be by introducing them to a bits-and-pieces mess of barely living parts that used-to-be-a-Hero Nogi Sonoko, who now resides in some sort of parallel dimension and is forced to watch the same vista for an unendable eternity.


The tone is somber, it gives us the high stakes I’ve wanted for several episodes now and it lays out the “will they/won’t they escape fate” framework facing the girls from here on out.

And it definitely delivers real, raw, and powerful emotions from Togo and Yuna. It’s a tear jerker, and the relative quiet of their conversation with Nogi makes it all the more brutal.


So why am I dropping YYwYdA? Simply put, this was the dullest, talkiest reveal you can imagine. Little mystery is left to our imagination and the whole ‘snagged on the way back from fighting’ context for Yuna and Togo’s conversation with the fallen hero felt arbitrary. Graceless.

Worse, while I’ve moderately enjoyed the show until now, I can’t help but feel YYwYdA‘s slow pace is a product of not having much to do with the series or having an interesting mystery to reveal, rather than a thoughtful process of lulling us into false security.


I mean, the girls have had their injuries for several episodes now. We already knew those injuries weren’t going away and that they were the direct result of using Mankai.

Spelling that fact out to us, even with the added context that young girls are still being used like the virgin sacrifices of old, doesn’t make it any more compelling.

Sad panda. Sad panda indeed.

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7 thoughts on “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 08”

    1. That is worth nothing, even if it didn’t bother me. While the girls talk about boys here and there, none by name and none have existed outside of background texture. I assume there is a reason for this, beyond the ‘female virgin sacrifice’ structure they lay out this week but who knows.

      You could also wonder why there are no adults in the show, either.

  1. Out of curiosity oigakkosan, while I know you’ve dropped coverage, are you still watching? I’ve heard from multiple sources that the series is going fairly strong, even stronger from here on forwards, and that it still has more cards to play. That said, that’s the opinion of people I know, so I can’t say it’s from a personal perspective.

    (The number of times you’ve dropped Cross Ange does amuse me on an unrelated note)

    1. Ha — I think you mean Vanadis or Yona? I dropped both of those shows repeatedly.

      Between the holidays and being massively sick for 2 weeks, I’ve cut down on most everything and Yuuki was one of the first casualties. I actually considered keeping up with it (like I did with Shirobako, which I watched till ep 7 or 8) but something has always pulled me away. In fact, I unintentionally dropped Gurge! Kokkuri-san for the same reason — I got behind and it wasn’t exciting enough to draw me back in and get me pounding the keyboard enough to catch up on my reviews.

      No the sad reality is, even if it got rolling, Yuuki burned me out with it’s 3 episode long ‘twist’ reveal. Worse, even though the reveal was as dark as it should be, it wasn’t remotely surprising.

    1. no worries — it was just a cold / sinus infection / fever / no sleep-snot cannon-coughing fest. I’m mostly over everything except the snot cannon. I’m sure my toddler will bring home something equally gross in the spring…

      actually, on the topic of catching up, I have been watching Ronja each week with him. I’ve just been doing it on the tablet or laptop, where I can’t easily take screen captures nor draft posts. But fear not 30 readers of Ronja reviews! ;) I will eventually get back to it and it will probably get an 8 for each episode!

      1. I just marathoned Yuki Yuuna for various reasons… and I have to say that Episode 9 was all sorts of superb. (nearly made me cry 10/10 would give it a 10 with this blog’s rating system). I’d totes recommend checking it out (no obligation to of course, but I really think it’s great)

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