2014 RABUJOI Black Friday Dinner – Flames On!


With Black Friday came the Rabujoi tradition of the staff sitting down post-shopping binge for a gobble of left-over turkey, and arguing about anime. This year was my turn to host and, as is traditional, I ate my fill of well deserved criticism. (“@U@)

Apparently, I’m too harsh on every show but also not decisive enough with my ratings, my review list is too long and my view-to-review speed is suffering, and if I don’t think my shows are great, why don’t I just drop ’em and be done with it?

Keep in mind that we were all a few Turkey-Tinis into the evening and no hard feelings carried over. However, fueled by Rabujoi 11’s alcoholic bird-gravy or not, I did promise to makes some quick changes.

So hang on to your hats ’cause I’m posting a review on the hour, every hour, from 8:00 am (eastern standard time) till noon and a few shows may be getting the dropped-treatment ;-)

One thought on “2014 RABUJOI Black Friday Dinner – Flames On!”

  1. all joking aside, I really did run with too many shows for too long. (especially the shows that I didn’t really like from the outset)

    8-) love and learn

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