Ai Tenchi Muyo! – 30


This is RABUJOI’s 3,000th anime review!

Wow, has it already been thirty episodes? How time flies when you watch something four minutes at a time. For the first twenty-nine, we’d only gotten the slightest hints about what exactly was going on, and not much at all about precisely what Tenchi was up to.


Now we get those answers all at once in an episode that does wonders for the cohesion of the overall show. The events of this episode take place before all the Junai High stuff, so it would have worked just fine as the first episode, in fact, but that would have been too dull. No, I like it right here, three-fifths of the way in, after we’ve already gone through many adventures with Tenchi and his students.


As it happens, Momo and likely Beni, are “temporal castaways” Tenchi was sent into the past to rescue and return to their rightful time and place. When that mission failed and another temporal rift opened, he found himself back in Washuu’s lab, while Momo and Beni ended up in the present day at Junai High.


Washuu convenes a family meeting with Tenchi, Ryouko, and the Jurai sisters, and formulate a new plan: Tenchi will infiltrate the school posing as a student teacher and gather information. That brings us to the actual, baffling first episode of the show, with Tenchi ending up in the middle of the forest. (Ha, I thought Kurihara-sensei was Washuu…what a FOOL I was!)

So yeah, this was a very informative episode that puts everything we’d seen before in a new and more coherent light, and will inform the show’s final two-fifths.


Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Ai Tenchi Muyo! – 30”

  1. Any chance you’ll look at the other series when you’re done with this? I just watched the movies for the first time and was surprised by how well made they were.

    1. My gut says maybe, but I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the character design in the earlier stuff I’ve glanced at.

      I maintain that I probably wouldn’t be watching this at all if it wasn’t being apportioned in four-minute increments.

  2. Since Washu has 2 bodies in the original series, i thought Kurihara-sensei was her too (drawn differently of course)

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