Sensei’s Fashion Guide for a Good First Date

Have you ever asked that guy you like on a date by mistake and suddenly realized you didn’t mean to make it a date and have no idea what to wear?? Fear not! Denki-gai no Honya-san’s Sensei-chan has got you covered.


If you’re going to make a serious play, lay it on thick, girl! Let him know you mean business by wearing as many shiny things from as many different fashion senses as you can cram into a single outfit.

Bonus points if you make your eyebrows extra thin, rim your eyes in white, use too much pink and wear lash-extenders.

Just make sure he’s ready for that. Otherwise, if you want to down-play the dateness of this date, maybe you should try something subtly rough…


Nothing says ‘Nah man, this isn’t a date’ like a honking leg of fried chicken and a bag of trash. He’ll know you’re just bros from the get-go!

[Oggaki’s note: I’m not sure if this is better or worse with sweat pants she decided to leave off…]

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