Kamui is committed to discovering and exploiting every weakness in the Sybil System, and he continues to prove he’s exceedingly good at it, luring a large force of MWPSBers into an elaborate trap, perverting the same holo software used to “sanitize” military drone footage so operators’ Psycho-passes don’t get clouded.


The facility is also a chance to test out his new convert, Former Inspector Shisui. One major weakness of Sybil is obviously the use of eyes. Granted, few people are able to perform successful eye transplant, if one does, one can control any Dominator as if he was an inspector. And while we saw what torturous ordeals Shisui went through in Kamui’s custody, here she’s actually grateful he took her eye. Among this guy’s many gifts and disciplines, add in psychological manipulation and infectious charisma.


It’s a another particularly shitty day for MWPSB, who are, after all, nothing but complacent, obedient pawns to Sybil. Even if the drones weren’t hacked and trying to kill them all, MWPSB doesn’t even have enough ammo to destroy them all. Rushing in there was a costly mistake; Division 3 is eviscerated. And we hardly knew thee…


Back at HQ, the gang isn’t sitting still. Well, they are, but they’re tapping away at computers. Well, Saiga isn’t, but…hey, he’s the over-brains of the counter-hacking operation, planting the idea in Shion’s head that the key to stopping the drones is their own MPS operational servers. Saiga basically helps prevent a crisis from turning into an calamity, and if it wasn’t for Akane, he wouldn’t even be in that building.


Naturally, Mika is utterly dismayed and appalled by Akane’s actions, most of all putting the safety of lowly enforcers before her own and going after Kamui herself; ushing to the forefront instead of staying back and delegating. It doesn’t help that recent events have had a somewhat clouding effect on Mika’s soul, to the point she mutters that she hopes Akane gets clouded.


That’s after coming back from Togane’s quarters, where she found that he was taking constant measurements of Akane’s color. Togane can’t help himself when Akane has her back turned to him in the field. He’s astonished by how clear she is, even there, which, as he thinks to himself, makes him want to turn her black that much more. Clearly, Akane needs to watch this guy, but she’s given no indication of being anything other than totally in the dark regarding him. Mika knows something now, but I expect her to keep that knowledge to herself. Why help Akane out, and reward her for breaking the rules constantly?


Oh, and if you like turn-off-your-brain action, you liked this episode. The running and jumping and shooting and exploding is virtually non-stop, with Akane right in the thick of it; she’s everywhere, kicking ass and taking names. The clever tactics used to bunch the drones together so their guns lock (a measure to avoid hitting one another) is a particularly neat little setpiece, though how Akane and the others survive an ammunition warehouse explosion is uncertain! Really, how are they not dead?


As it turns out, Mika missed out on all the action, which was probably for the best, as she’d probably only issue orders that would have made the situation worse and cause the deaths of more enforcers and civilians. It’s also nice that Shion, Yayoi, Hinakawa and Saiga pay her no mind while switching off the holo overlays. Yes, it clouds a great many minds, but it also saves their lives. The righteous Mika has the usual arguments about how This Is Not How Things Are Done (clearly unfazed by the Chief’s shutdown last week), and Saiga tells her what we all want tell her: “Quit yer damn whining!” Some problems, he says, simply can’t be solved (or even understood, I’ll add) by doing things by the book.


Kamui is one of those things. He’s a ghost to Sybil’s technology, and he’s also a cunning creature who’s been able to turn it around on itself almost every time. Now he has at least five Dominators, and the ability to use them all at any time. For her confrontation, Akane brings a real gun, but suddenly remembering Kogami, she can’t fire it, nor does she allow Togane to. Kamui gets away very slowly on his boat (named What Color, LOL), but the standoff ends with Akane still a Dominator in the clear, which she needs to continue to be if she’s going to stop Kamui.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

8 thoughts on “PSYCHO-PASS 2 – 06”

  1. Ever hear a criticism that you find yourself trying to forget while watching a show? I’ve been having that with Psycho Pass 2. Someone mentioned how much “louder” the violence of this season has been. A person has been Dominator’d every episode.

    What really got me was structure of this episode’s third act. We had one central threat (the military drones) and one clear solution (peeling away the holographic deception). Suddenly, they introduce a new resolution that allows all of the drones to be blown up and for Akane to ride over the bullets. They then suddenly added in a second, less intimidating threat with the police drones to allow their original solution to play out. It was like they had two ideas for how to resolve everything and forced the plot to service both.

    It’s the same kind of convenience that bothered me when a shoot-through-doors gun allowed an Enforcer to unintentionally kill Aoyanagi.

    Overall, this episode felt convenient. Have we heard about the Dominators running out of ammo before? Why did the players see footage of the machines killing people when their holograms were lifted?

    I’m still liking this season and I liked this episode overall. But so far, it is simply entertaining me. Psycho Pass’ first season disturbed me.

  2. I absolutely despised this episode. Too many plot holes and ‘the script said so’ moments. Its a shame the second season is such utter trash compared to the first, and even without a comparison, this is just so below average, its appaling. How was the dominator blowing up ‘selective limbs’ in this episode? The dominator had limited ammo? Wow. The knowledge that two robots cant shoot each other when in close proximity couldn’t have been shared by that inspector with all the other people through communicators? Sybil is really apathetic this season. Doesn’t give a shit, last season, it would literally take actions of policing things before crimes could happen, this episode, its not revoking Shisui’s inspector license to stop the brutal massacre? When it could easily have been done? And whats the ‘collecting dominators’ bullshit? They should just revoke the license of whomevers dominators have been stolen, that way people wouldn’t get killed. But you just wait, they’ll never do it, not until those dominators kill Akane’s subordinates and then in a climactic moment Akane kills Kamui. If she had killed Kamui this episode (which she should have, that ‘i see kogami in tougane’ bullshit was contrived as hell), the series would have ended, hence, the script said so. Lolol. Such a joke. So many cheap, gory gimmicks to get the audiences excited. Horrible script. No flow of dialogue. Bad animation. This series just went to hell. And i’m surprise, you didn’t mention any of these plot issues? Reading your reviews are a pleasure but, you really did overlook the negatives this episode.

  3. JRM; Sam:

    Thanks so much for your counter-analysis! I liked this episode, but I’m not going to pretend it was flawless, and I will admit, I watched it on a Friday night after a long and exhausting week, so I absolutely overlooked the negatives!

    After reading your respective takes, I couldn’t let my 9 stand. And there is definitely validity to the argument that Psycho-Pass 2 has gotten a bit lazy and sloppy. It’s just that in my state at the time of watching, my brain was pretty much turned off, so I could still enjoy it on a superficial level.

    But the first Psycho-Pass wasn’t just a bloody, explode-y guilty pleasure; it had a lot more grace and subtlety to it. Shougo was pretty much as invincible a this point in its story as Kamui is, but Kamui was a lot more exposed, and as you say, he wasn’t dealt with simply because the plot didn’t let him get dealt with.

    If I can be forgiven for breaking out a Matrix analogy, the first season of Psycho-Pass, Akane was a lot like Thomas Anderson, new to everything, figuring out her role and destiny. In PP2, she’s following a similar arc to Neo The Chosen One; far more powerful and confident; achieving incredible, sometimes silly feats, etc.

    But the fact they don’t even bother drawing runs in her pantyhose after an explosion(!); or explain how the cops don’t have, like, a BOAT with which to chase after Kamui…the last season didn’t have these kinds of glaring problems.

    I maintain that Psycho-Pass 2 can still be better than NO Psycho-Pass at all, but this episode suggests a rift of growing irreconcilability between the two, in that you can’t enjoy Psycho-Pass 2 unless you turn your brain off, which does the cerebral franchise a gross disservice.

    1. Well, thanks for your response!

      I would compare these two seasons to Alien and Aliens. Both were aiming for different things. Both are four star movies to me. However, they aren’t a complimentary pair like the two Godfather movies. If you’re a big fan of Alien, you have to work to get it out of your head while watching Aliens.

      Now, I don’t know if Psycho-Pass 2 is up to the level of quality that comparison assumes, but we clearly have a lot of plotlines to run through. I know Urobuchi is only supervising the plot (I assume because he’s busy with UBW), so this season might look more like Psycho-Pass 1 when we have the broad strokes in front of us.

  4. Exactly. Thank you for your response braverade. I love the franchise that Psycho Pass has become so it was a real bummer to see an episode like this. The writing is getting more and more unsubtle by the minute, which is, quoting a reviewer at ANN, “not acceptable for the kind of mature audience the series has cultivated”. I just hope they can resolve it, without killing off Ginoza or other important characters so that they may have a chance to develop (even more) in the movie. Thank God that I.Gs handling that. Keep up the great work though! Your reviews are a delight

  5. While I agree with most of the dissenting voices about this series, I have to admit that I am enjoying this series _precisely_ because of what many of you are expecting. It’s the same reason I enjoyed the entire Matrix series.

    I did _not_ want to watch a rehash or a retelling of the original Psycho Pass (which is exactly why I didn’t watch the Extended Series in the summer), just like I did not want to re-watch Matrix 2 repeat the thematics of the original Matrix.

    Yes, this is not as cerebral as Psycho Pass, yes there are plot holes. However there is still this overarching story that connects the two seasons: how does this Sybil based society even work… and is it worth protecting?

    That’s why I watch (and have enjoyed) every episode. Sure, they are not perfect. Yes, maybe they could have done better, but the original Psycho Pass was well done enough I am willing to give the creators the benefit of the doubt.

    This means I don’t expect absolute perfection. It would take an absolute TILT-LEVEL meltdown for me to become unsatisfied at this point. I’m fine as long as they get down to answering the things I’ve been wanting them to answer since the _first episode of the franchise_.

    The first season gave us the deep answer to this question: What is Sybil?

    This season I think they are going for: What will it take to _beat_ Sybil?

    Trust me. I’m totally looking forward to seeing how that is answered, and it looks like Kamui is delivering.

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