Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 06


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru took an interesting direction this week. See, while the girls suffered no physical damage from their battles per sey, each hero who activated ManKai has lost much of a single human sense.

Fu is blind in her left eye, Itsuki is mute, Yuna cant taste, and Togo can’t walk.


No! I’m kidding because I’m a terrible person. Togo is like normal but now is also def in her left ear.

Only Karen has avoided an unexplained health issue and only Karen was unable to activate her ManKai.


It takes Yuna and Togo a little while to admit their problems. So, at first, I thought the injuries tied into their character weaknesses. Itsuki is timid, after all. So of course she can’t talk. Fu lacks vision (planning and projection) So of course she’d go blind too.

I don’t think that idea holds weight though. At least, I don’t know what it would have to do with the sense of taste and Togo is all about listening to others…


Fortunately, the girls all get nice new iPhone 6s for their troubles. Sure, they aren’t heros anymore and can’t download the hero app and, for a while, no one really knows what to do with themselves, but you gotta see the silver lining!


Not for Karen-chan though. While I thought it was a nice touch that she, the one who came to fight, was the most useless during the fight AND could not use Mankai, the gravity of that, and the weight of being the only uninjured hero hangs heavy on her shoulders.


I enjoyed the episode, frankly. As with all of YYwYdA‘s pacing, we got a full 20 minutes dedicated to the girls calmly easing into post-hero status. That time to breath and figure out what was going on, and what they wanted to do now, mixed with the dread that their health issues aren’t so temporary, was a good choice.


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  1. I think Yuuki Yuuna clearly shows it’s Madoka influence. I wonder whether the predictions made that Madoka Magica would change the Mahou Shojo genre in the same way Evangelion change Mecha are coming true. It seems that post Madoka Magical Girls either take the Parody route if they play the genre straight (Twintales, early Vividred ), or became Madoka Magica Light (Genei Taiyou, Yuuki Yuuna, Late Vividred), if the source materiel was not written before Madoka (Fate Prisma).

    1. I’m actually ignorant of the genre, by and large. I mean, I’ve seen some magic girls shows, but I’d have to look online to remember them (i am one of the poor few who hasn’t had a chance to sit down and see Madoka yet)

      1. well… I know some girl with Flintlocks and blonde hair gets her head eaten off. And that it’s dark semi-surprisingly. But otherwise, i’m blissfully ignorant :) i want to watch the movies back to back during the mid winter lull

  2. “… And Togo can´t walk,” i feel like a horrible person, but is still so funny, XD, well i hav to see it, i need to watch Madoka before Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha comes to it´s end

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