Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru – 06


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru took an interesting direction this week. See, while the girls suffered no physical damage from their battles per sey, each hero who activated ManKai has lost much of a single human sense.

Fu is blind in her left eye, Itsuki is mute, Yuna cant taste, and Togo can’t walk.


No! I’m kidding because I’m a terrible person. Togo is like normal but now is also def in her left ear.

Only Karen has avoided an unexplained health issue and only Karen was unable to activate her ManKai.


It takes Yuna and Togo a little while to admit their problems. So, at first, I thought the injuries tied into their character weaknesses. Itsuki is timid, after all. So of course she can’t talk. Fu lacks vision (planning and projection) So of course she’d go blind too.

I don’t think that idea holds weight though. At least, I don’t know what it would have to do with the sense of taste and Togo is all about listening to others…


Fortunately, the girls all get nice new iPhone 6s for their troubles. Sure, they aren’t heros anymore and can’t download the hero app and, for a while, no one really knows what to do with themselves, but you gotta see the silver lining!


Not for Karen-chan though. While I thought it was a nice touch that she, the one who came to fight, was the most useless during the fight AND could not use Mankai, the gravity of that, and the weight of being the only uninjured hero hangs heavy on her shoulders.


I enjoyed the episode, frankly. As with all of YYwYdA‘s pacing, we got a full 20 minutes dedicated to the girls calmly easing into post-hero status. That time to breath and figure out what was going on, and what they wanted to do now, mixed with the dread that their health issues aren’t so temporary, was a good choice.


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – 07


I Don’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying continues down the more serious drama lines it established a few weeks ago. As with the drinking-problem issue, this time is dedicated to another one or Wife’s quirks: she’s a terrible cook!


So, obviously, Husband is a pretty easy cook to compensate their combined level of functionality, which seems to be the general message we’ve gotten over the past few weeks.

Neither Wife nor Husband is especially function on their own but, together, they work well together — work like a complete person.


Oh! and we finally learned who this guy was! It’s Wife’s dad and he’s a great chef. Also, Wife’s mom was a terrible cook, but matured after giving birth. Also Husband’s sister/brother is bringing bentos to Husband’s boss.

It was a cute episode. Charming, even. The initial idea that he’s no good for her is obviously long behind us but, more interestingly, we’re finally seeing why Wife wasn’t talking down about him to her friends. Between the drinking, smoking, lack of cooking and general haze of her brain, she really doesn’t have reason to feel especially superior to him.

After all, Husband loves that she can’t cook. It raises her genre-stats tremendously.


Denki-gai no Honya-san – 07


Denki-Gai no Honya-san 7 is a ‘hot spring’ (onsen) episode and, as you would imagine, that means we got skin, boob grabbing and some embarrassing moments. We also got some decent character development and a few inches of plot advancement.

Did DGnHs do anything interesting with this cliché of a clichéd setting or was it all just more fan service?


I’m not sure, in all honesty?

DGnHs is always knowingly funny and this week pinned that on Sensei and Hiotan, who’ve never been to hot springs before. DGnHs very aggressively shows that their expectations, based on manage and anime, are way off. So off that they end up happily running into a co-ed waiting area, totally naked.

Even though the facial expressions, the long pause, slow reverse zoom shot is hilarious AND is the source for the show’s best joke via a call-back later in the episode,  Director, Ex-chan, and Hiotan could’ve exposed their true romantic feelings for each other anywhere.


Likewise, Umi-kun and Sensei-chan’s romance goes nowhere, which is odd since Sensei received extensive screen time early in the episode. The result was… repetitive: She’s embarrassed and doesn’t know how to act feminine. We get it!

And yeah… yeah I’m trying to avoid talking about the “Now it’s time to feel your breasts” scene. I can’t think of a reason why that’s in there for anything other than fan service.


The best scene, and most representative of DGnHs’ knowing, genre-poking style, came at the end, when Hiotan ineffectively confronts director about his feelings for her. In it, he admits to not having seen her boobs very clearly, because of some very awkward lighting.

Hence, the very strange ‘light line’ that censored her boobs in the first place.

It’s clever, pokes fun at convention, Has lots of energy. (both characters are standing on the back room tables, they are so wrapped up in what they are saying)


But was it good?

Welllllll… a little more plot development would have been desirable. Additionally, ep 7 gave us some great laughs, it strangely didn’t give many.

So I can’t help but feel like this is exactly what it seems like it is: mid season ‘filler,’ to designed to give us just enough to hang on to the big relationship push, failure, and bounce back cycle that usually develops around episode 9.

I guess that’s what a hot spring episode is for. So its successful enough, which is good enough for me.


Winter 2015 Season Preview


Yes, we know, we’re early; nearly a year earlier than our last Winter Preview. But the charts are out there, populated with new shows and sequels to old shows and such, so we’re getting a head-start on this. Winter isn’t going to be a huge and unwieldy as this Fall has been…hopefully. (Hopefully it won’t be as cold and nasty round these parts, either!)

Not listed here yet are all of the miscellaneous shows Oigakkosan will be reviewing in a new bracket format, taking your feedback into consideration of what gets reviewed. If there are lots of major changes between now and this time next month, we’ll release an amended preview. Until then, here’s what’s on the menu come January:


Aldnoah.Zero 2 Durarara!!x2 Shou Gundam: G no Reconguista

1. Aldnoah.Zero 2 – A-1 / TROYCA (Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi) Second season of the Summer 2014 series (reviews here). I wish the show had been able to resolve everything in one 12 or 13-ep run, but when does that ever happen?

2. Durarara!!x2 Shou – Aniplex/Square Enix/Brains Base/Mainichi/Movic/ASCII Media Works/Sakura Create (Action, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural) First of an ambitious three-cour sequel to the 2010 hit. I loved the original, having watched it just before we started RABUJOI.

3. Gundam: G no Reconguista – Sunrise (Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Space) Second cour. Fall carryover (unconfirmed). Yeah, it’s not that good, but short of a Nobunaga the Fool-esque precipitous loss of interest, I’m continuing with this.

Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo

Braverade + Oigakkosan

4. Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo – Sunrise (Action, Sci-Fi) Second cour. Fall carryover. Plenty more wringers to put Ange through!


Koufuku Graffiti Rolling☆Girls Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Tsukimonogatari

5. Koufuku Graffiti (Happy Cooking Graffiti) – Shaft (Comedy, Seinen) A cooking-centric series by Shaft? I’m on board.

6. Rolling☆Girls (Happy Cooking Graffiti) – Wit Studio (Slice of Life) I loved the four-episode One Off, and while there’s no guarantee this is anything like that, it does seem to be about girls on bikes.

7. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata – A-1 (Comedy, Drama, Romance, School)

8. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – A-1 (Drama, Music, Romance, School, Shounen) Second cour. Fall carryover.

9. Tsukimonogatari (Possesstory) – Shaft (Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural) Latest 4-episode Monogatari special, focusing on Ononoki Yotsugi. While they’ll all fit together as one long movie, I will do seperate reviews like I did with Hanamonogatari.


Isuca Kamisama Hajimemashita◎ Sailor Moon Crystal Tokyo Ghoul 2

10. Isuca – Arms/DAX Production/Mages (Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Supernatural, Seinen) 11.

11. Kamisama Hajimemashita◎ – Dentsu/TMS (Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural) Sequel to the Fall 2012 series (Reviews here). I’ve seen sequel titles with stars, apostrophes, question marks and exclamation points…but what the heck is that symbol at the end?!

12. Sailor Moon Crystal – Episodes 13-18 of 26. Summer 2014 carryover.

13. Tokyo Ghoul 2 – Sequel to the Summer 2014 series (Reviews here).

MagicalChurlSukui + Oigakkosan

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

14. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte – the maxim) – Madhouse (Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Seinen) – Second cour. Fall carryover.


Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

15. Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (Ronia the Robber’s Daughter) – Studio Ghibli, NHK, NHK Enterprises, Dwango, Polygon Pictures (Adventure, Fantasy) Second cour. Fall carryover.

Ai Tenchi Muyo! – 23


The Sports Festival “Super Playoff” becomes an interminable, all-night marathon of totally non-sporting events such as trivia, whack-a-mole, eating, and chess. But what matters is that both the Red and White Teams agreed on something: that they should keep fighting for victory.


In the process, neither side really achieves victory, but they do achieve a kind of détente, which is what Momo wanted all along. The festival thus a success, the President nods off on Tenchi’s shoulder and her head gradually slips into his lap…drawing the ire of Ryouko, who retaliates…against Tenchi.


Some time in the wee hours of the morning, as Sasami patches him up she brings up how Tenchi will be overseeing the dorms soon, though she was told to relay the warning that any member of the opposite sex caught there will be beaten severely. It’s quite the Catch-22 for the already-bruised Tenchi…but it’s also par for the course.


Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – 06


The secret island was a satisfying action-packed adventure, but it turns out it was just a brief detour; a checkpoint to stop by and gather more information about the sheer scale of Gaz’s machinations pre-and-post death. The Main Event is in the Principality of Hartgen, and it was always going to be. The guy simply has everyone: Chaika twins, a Dark Acura, a Dark Gillette…even, seemingly, the inscrutable Guy.


A case in point for the relative triviality of the island: the Gillette Corps arrive way late, but learn everything they need to to carry on in less than five minutes of conversation with Kiril and Ursula. But then again, they’re after Chaikas, not the answers to what they are and why they exist. Gillette Corps and Vivi in particular are quite sure of the latter: they’re to preserve the peace – albeit a peace their former Captain — Vivi’s former flame — is no longer a part of.


One nice thing that came from the island was that it made it quite easy for Tooru and Chaika to repair their bond, though again, that kinda happened last week. Tooru is committed to sticking with Chaika, whatever she decides to do: for now, continuing to search for remains. And Akari follows where Tooru leads, and also hastens to put herself physically between the two. Akari likes Chaika…but her brother is hers.


There’s a “Martial Arts Tournament” being held by Hartgen at the ridiculously huge Goeranson Castle, which is essentially a huge walled battleground surrounding the main keep. There, contestants from all over the six nations pour in and fight to the death for the grand prize: knighthood and Gaz’s remains. The first people we know to arrive and enter are Red Chaika, Selma and David.


Not far off is Gillette, who take three different tacks: Zita and Matteus go the diplomatic route with Hartgen (which goes nowhere), Leo sneaks around and takes attendance, and Nikolai and Vivi, well…Vivi’s In It To Win It:


Yes her new outfit is super-gaudy, but that’s what a fantasy swordmaiden character is supposed to be, damnit!  And hey, it’s clearly very easy to move around in. Her hair may have turned white, but she hasn’t lost a step.


Guy, who’s been pulling the strings for all the Chaikas, reveals that he was the one who saved Alberic, by making dozens of men pile themselves on top of him to serve as shields. The thing is, Guy’s reasons for why he did it — something about him “seeing the hate in his heart” and knowing “he wasn’t made to live in a world of peace” are kinda flimsy. I get that Alberic’s a great warrior and all, but wasn’t his attempt to save Vivi and Zita an act of love (for them), not hate (for the army he tried to stop)?


Far clearer are the present, if fleeting, purposes of Red Chaika and Vivi: get Chaika (Trabant), who just had Niva Lada snatched away by Guy. Hey! Give her back [shakes fist]… I’m sure if Vivi could see what’s become of her beloved Alberic, she wouldn’t be happy. I’m sure she will come across him sooner rather than later, as he’s one of Hartgen’s trusty bodyguards. Goeranson Castle is the place to be, and everyone is here. Still, this had a feeling of table-setting and warm-up about it. Not un-entertaining, but not particularly outstanding, and at times, repetitive/redundant.


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