Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Special – 02


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s Blu-Ray micro episode bonus feature number 2 is another just three minute-run and, like many long-form minis, it just feels like the carved 180 seconds out of a single full length episode.


The Story: Waka is freaking out and stalking Seo around the school when he sees Chiyo and Kashima and Seo all agree to go on the drama club vacation and get swimsuits together!

Later, Waka intercepts them at the mall and gets brought along to try on swimsuits. He still doesn’t get it — even when Kashima goes in to try on a bikini!


It’s funny that Kashima doesn’t like Waka and thinks he may be a pervert because I doubt the next mini will reveal Kashima’s gender… somehow. So I’m assuming this is all a setup for a future season maybe but I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know.


Was this duo of specials a Pocky-like treat or was it just an empty box?

Mmmmmm… I’m leaning towards the empty box, personally. The eps are harmless, and make a lot of sense as bonus content for a disc-release but, if you’re going to miss any GSN dash K, this is what it should be.

If anything, just because hunting down all the chapters will eventually get more annoying that simply watching 30 seconds of flashback, if a flashback is even needed, at the beginning of a second season, is a second season every gets made!



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  1. I am right with you on the show having average writing, animation, and characters but i think there’s something about the prospect of the story that has hooked anime viewers. I think the idea about the princess who has to fight for her kingdom gives off an air of epic fantasy that has people enthralled by the anime regardless of the fact that, at least in my opinion, none of the story-telling mechanics are particularly excelling. The show aint bad at all, it’s just very average. I guess the fact that the show hasnt really committed any crimes and it has the potential to evolve into a epic fantasy is why viewers are really digging it

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