Ai Tenchi Muyo! – 22


The next, and what Tenchi believes to be the final event in the sports festival is devised by StuCo Prez Momo herself: Butt Sumo. If you think this is a blatant opportunity for fanservice, well, you’re only half-right, since there isn’t much to see—it’s pretty tame stuff. Instead, it puts Tenchi in the awkward position of having to referee a butt sumo match between to high school girls without staring at their asses too long.


Momo chose Butt Sumo because she wanted to engage in activity that would put her in close proximity to her adversary (in this case Beni, whose ass is not as strong as her arms and hands), because she wants to talk and be friends. Beni doesn’t want to talk, just win, but both girls fall off the platform (and onto Tenchi’s face), leaving the White and Red teams still knotted up at 1050, necessitating a night overtime.


Akatsuki no Yona – 06


Akatsuki no Yona puts all it’s cards on the table this week. The animation is noticeably more… animated, actually. Color, drama of the situation, and the emotional tension of Yona and Hak falling off a cliff mere minutes after the episode started all put me in the best mood this show has managed so far.


Then it tossed all my good will out the window with flashbacks OF CONTENT FROM ITS OWN EPISODE, lazy, humor-free jokes about a guy who’s 25 acting like an old man, and meeting a priest who’s a kind-natured bumbler in the most cliché of ways…

yona62Soo-won apparently bathes behind a quarantine tarp…

ARGH! Yona why are you so uselessly pedestrian and what the heck is wrong with everyone rating you so high on MAL?? Is it just that Korea gets so little attention, anime wise?

Or is there some value that your plain-jane animation, stodgy character design, and plot that’s gone nearly nowhere in six episodes is hiding from me?


The above image was my favorite part of the episode. In it, an unimportant side character urinates into Yona’s mouth. Then, when she wakes up from her 5,000 foot fall into the valley, he tactfully offers her a fresh orange to suck on.


Good grief people? Why are any of us watching this???


*Yes I know I’ve dropped this multiple times in the past but I’m serious this time! :(

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Special – 02


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s Blu-Ray micro episode bonus feature number 2 is another just three minute-run and, like many long-form minis, it just feels like the carved 180 seconds out of a single full length episode.


The Story: Waka is freaking out and stalking Seo around the school when he sees Chiyo and Kashima and Seo all agree to go on the drama club vacation and get swimsuits together!

Later, Waka intercepts them at the mall and gets brought along to try on swimsuits. He still doesn’t get it — even when Kashima goes in to try on a bikini!


It’s funny that Kashima doesn’t like Waka and thinks he may be a pervert because I doubt the next mini will reveal Kashima’s gender… somehow. So I’m assuming this is all a setup for a future season maybe but I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know.


Was this duo of specials a Pocky-like treat or was it just an empty box?

Mmmmmm… I’m leaning towards the empty box, personally. The eps are harmless, and make a lot of sense as bonus content for a disc-release but, if you’re going to miss any GSN dash K, this is what it should be.

If anything, just because hunting down all the chapters will eventually get more annoying that simply watching 30 seconds of flashback, if a flashback is even needed, at the beginning of a second season, is a second season every gets made!



Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – Special – 01


It’s Pocky Day (11/11) and in celebration I’m posting some more short reviews! First up is Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun’s Blu-Ray micro episode bonus feature. It clocks in at just three minutes long and contains a dizzying 5 scenes, each with a carded break.

The Story: Chiyo imagines Nozaki in costume. Waka is still flustered over the ‘Hot Guy’ who was with Seo at the festival and still doesn’t know it was Kashima. Hori and Nozaki aren’t helpful when asked about it.

Then everyone agrees to join the Drama club for a summer get away. Even Mikorin is coming.


While nothing special, GSN dash K’s bonus contains all the elements of a normal episode. It’s cute, charming, full of people not understanding implications and unresponded-to love. The manga-notes Nozaki takes while talking to Waka are the funniest moment and probably the highlight of the whole 3 minutes.

Unlike Sabagebu!’s 11 minute bonus, This is way too short to be meaningful and it doesn’t add anything to last season’s finale. Nozaki doesn’t even resolve its own micro-story.

But if you’re feeling down, take a few seconds out of your day to give it a view. GSN dash K excels at building warm, happy smiles!


Ai Tenchi Muyo! – 21


The next event in the sports festival is mock cavalry, something I never did in high school. Predictably, things get chaotic fast.


The pre-fight conflict is whether Gouriki should be allowed to participate, as he’s neither an enrolled student or human. But lord knows who’s human and who’s not among all these kooky characters, and Kurihara wants a good show, so Tenchi allows it.


Hachiko holds onto her sword, so there are no more tears, and the teams are pretty evenly matched…until Yuki pulls out her latest trump card: a fake spider upon Rui’s face unleashes a terrifying power. The StuCo loses, but Momo never lets go of Hachiko’s hand. Meanwhile, Washuu seems to be monitoring proceedings, and interested in Kinojou Beni in particular.