Sora no Method – 06


If last week ended with a peace summit, this week we see the fruits of the peace that was forged between Nonoka and Yuzuki, with the help of Koharu and Souta.

I MUCH prefer the more mature, non-saucer obsessed Yuzuki


It’s pretty clear this is going to be an onsen episode, but it sure takes its merry time getting there. Yuzuki wants Nonoka to come, but needs Koharu to invite her for her. Meanwhile, Souta is a bit of a tsundere this week, both wanting and not wanting to go; though as the only guy in the group, he’d be bathing and sleeping alone.

Oh C’MON now!

Shione wins tickets to the same place by coincidence, and invites a very game Noel to come with her. This is kind of a big deal for Shione, who is in a “no new friends” mode since being burned by Nonoka, and as such has spent much of her time alone with her camera. Yet Yuzuki/Nonoka/Koharu and Shione/Noel never cross paths strains credulity, but I’m not sure what would have been accomplished had they crossed paths anyway.


No, the whole purpose of the onsen trip, which was built up quite a bit, was so Yuzuki could have a venue in which to formally ask Nonoka to hit her back, as punishment for slapping Nonoka a couple weeks back.


Like Nonoka, it’s really much ado about nothing. Nonoka refuses to slap Yuzuki, instead gently touching Yuzuki’s cheek as a token gesture that yes, indeed, she is forgiven and to stop worrying about little stuff like that. Also, apparently Nonoka punches above her weight class, so it’s best that she didn’t break out the guns.


With Nonoka and Yuzuki having made up thanks to Koharu, the other one who helped has to work at Koharu’s shop to cover her shift. While he puts up a hard front in front of his sister, because he’s leaving soon, he wants to hang out with them at least a little, so this felt like a lost opportunity for him to do so.


But like I said, the episode wasn’t interested in doing too much or having everyone get together at the bath just yet. In a way, Noel was kind of a dry run (albeit a warm, wet dry run) for Shione’s future interactions with other people. Even so, she rejects Noel’s claim that they’re really friends, but what with the fun they had and the saucer pillow Noel gives her, it’s hard to dispute Noel’s assertion


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