Grisaia no Kajitsu – 06


Grisaia no Kajitsu laid an egg this week: It was awkward, rushed, and profoundly predictable. Dare I say it? Episode 6 was actually bad. Not even the visuals were up to snuff this week and that is very troubling. (with so much light-bloom, it looked like an original XBox game!)

What’s really going on here? Where did my interesting, dark, and vaguely unsettling show go?

Yes. Yes you are!

Yumi-chan is finally revealed to be the heiress of the Tohin Railway Group, but she’s semi-self-outcast, because she’s a girl and her father wanted a boy, and her mother wished she’d been able to have a boy and committed suicide after her father took a mistress to have a male child, but that male child also died so BOOHOO?!

What a long winded, dull, emotionless basis for a plot. BOO HOO!


No! Seriously! I wanted to claw my eyes out during this whole episode I cared so little for anything going on. Even Yuuji feels like he doesn’t care any more than he cares that Yumi is this chapter’s love interest and, if he ever wants to complete this terrible dating sim of a prison school anime, he better damn well bed each and every one of these harem-targets!



So Yumi’s idiotic, controlling psycho of a father determines that now is the time to make her his official heir. His best solution to get her to agree to that? Attack her and fill her with terror!


So Yuuji ignores his orders, stages an armed stand-off with a swat team and Yumi and fakes her death via a hand grenade. After seeing her father mourn at her grave, Yumi feels better and all goes back to normal!


WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU Grisaia no Kajitsu??

How do you expect us to give a crap about a girl we’ve never spent time with, who’s a selfish prick, who has a bland back-story you INFO DUMP on us in a 240-second long monologue under a bridge in the rain five minutes before faking her death?

The only interesting element in the entire episode is this railway-themed board game.

The answer is you don’t think about anything and your only answer to any question is boobies!



8 thoughts on “Grisaia no Kajitsu – 06”

  1. Trainwreck of the season.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that they tried to condense 10 Hours worth of material into a whooping 20 minutes. And ended up adapting the first ten minutes of the route, and then plunging into an anime original story VERY loosely based on the source material.

    I suspect the only way to care for Yumiko was more common route, but that’s out of the question.

    1. Trainwreck? Its not that bad when compared to Gundam, Cross Ange, World Trigger and Daitoshokan. I feel this anime could have been a masterpiece if they had another cour…

      1. addendum: I could also argue that I knew Gundam G and World Trigger were terrible/had no future from the very first episode. Where as GnK got my hopes up and, unlike Cross Ange’s terrible island episode being a horrifyingly terrible terrible half hour of anime bracketed by a show I’m interested in, GnK has slowly trended more and more downward.

    2. like most shows we watch, I didn’t research Kajitsu before watching it and wasn’t sure if it was based on an LN, manga, etc. Starting three weeks back, it started to feel like a dating sim. I was okay with that, as long as the show stayed creepy and kept moving towards a reveal that made good on the creepy/crazy setup in episode one’s closing credits.

      Last week’s story closed a two part arc that had plenty of grim tones and featured a character who’s been in the foreground since the beginning. It wasn’t great. It gave very little time to the back story (to the point of being some what unclear about why suicides were going on and lacking emotional impact) and the whole split personality thing was too silly for the tone of the show. But I was okay with it.

      This week gave even less time to plot development, tried to deliver a more complicated plot, and focused on a character we have very little connection with. ugh.

      Regardless of how brutally off-script this went from the source material (which has got to annoy you even more than me) the show is now absurdly rushed. Given how ho-hum I was for the last 2 weeks, I can’t imagine watching any more of it. If you do, give us a shout on Twitter?

    1. I’m the critical guy at Rabujoi. I also begin each season with 3-5 times more shows than the other reviewers. Together, that makes me impatient with shows that drag their feet or lose focus.

      I actually agree, this show was rather funny. The train-theme board game, the weirdly off-handed ‘oh he’s chasing her ass now’ comment about Yuuji from the other girls, the gun from ebay, and the absurd response from the father at the gravestone were giggly. However, the episode was so rushed it felt disposable. Since episode 4 and 5 were only a bit better than that, I’m punting it off my review list.

      I can only imagine next week GnK will try and resolve 2 girls backstories at the same time…

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