Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – 05


Bahamut delivers yet another exceedingly exciting, breathlessly swift-moving episode where no one is standing still long. Favaro teams up with Rita to infiltrate the enemy castle, then convinces Kaisar to put aside his vengence for the moment so they can rescue Amira. The plot is pretty straightforward, which works in its favor, because what makes the episode truly special (and immensely fun) is the execution and details of that plot, along with its ability to utilize — and reward us for — our emotional investment in the characters.


Last week Azazel snatched up Amira and Kaisar with the tentacles from his boss flying bio-castle, Gregor, and is enjoying a fine repast as Amira is tortured by Pazuzu. I loved the almost office-like atmosphere of the villans’ lair. Kaisar also has to watch, and when he brings up Favaro as the demon who tricked Amira into stealing the God Key, they all heartily guffaw. It’s great how as clearly evil as these guys are, Favaro is even worse than all of them in Kaisar’s mind.


But, of course, that’s far too harsh, and being far too narrow-minded about who is responsible for who’s downfall and death. But harsh and quick-to-judgment is Kaisar’s M.O. in dealings with Favaro. Meanwhile, Favaro is able to convince Bacchus to lend him his flying carriage, but only if he pays the “fare”, which Bacchus leaves up to him. Favaro chooses to sacrifice his bounty hunter armband — practically his livelihood, up to this point — making him just another outlaw. That’s dedication, especially for a demon-girl who gave you a tail and your childhood friend who wants to kill you.


Rita and Favaro prove just as irresistable a duo as Kaisar…moreso, even. Unlike the upstanding-to-the-point-of-back-spasms Kaisar, Favaro and Rita remain stubbornly morally ambiguous (although one could argue that Kaisar’s vendetta and bloodlust are hardly morally pure virtues, even if he thinks he’s righteous). For half a ‘mo, Favaro considered the advantages of having Amira and Kaisar out of his hair, but sees that Rita is willing to spring into action, so he follows her lead.


On more than one occasion, Rita wonders out loud why Favaro is going so far, as if to validate the fact she’s doing the same thing for Kaisar. And so they egg each other on to be the brave, and valiant heroes. And they proceed to kick some Gregor dungeon grunt ass on their way to where Amira is being held.


Kaisar, who is also there, was told all about what Amira is and what she did, but he ends up being used as a pawn by his captors, who egg him on into taking care of their intruder problem for them. And after all that traveling, Favaro is a half-step behind the rested and super-pissed Kaisar, who’s still convinced Favaro is guilty of putting Amira in danger too. Again, this is a perfectly reasonable position for someone with his level of loathing towards Favaro.


Rita ends up breaking up the fight by launching her separated arm at his face and calling him a “brat”; which is a pretty awesome way to break up a fight!



Having had some sense knocked into him, Kaisar agrees to table his quarrel with Favaro until Amira is safe and they’re all off Gregor — but only after Favaro makes a gesture that limits his options in a future he’s classically never planned for: he tells Kaisar when the time comes to face him, he won’t run.


As all that’s going on aboard Gregor, we get a little surprise: Jeanne d’Arc! Here I thought we had been watching flashbacks of yore, but she’s actually been in the same present as Favaro & Co. all along. In a gloriously staged deus ex machina, she arrives just when the Gregor is about to pass through the gate to the Demon capital of Cochytus. In a particularly bad-ass tactic, her Orleans Knights close the gate while Gregor is only partially in, thus slicing that portion off and crippling it.

We get a good helping of how Orleans fight: with arrows and catapults and spears, all thrown and launched through magic circles that intensify their offensive effect. This time, the battle was in broad daylight, and thus easier to see!


Favaro and Kaisar work together to take out Pazuzu and use the handy chains and pulleys to lift themselves to safety. Azazel attempts to re-take Amira into custody, but is slapped back and forced to retreat when some form of demon guardian shields her.


All’s well that ends well, with Favaro, Kaisar, Amira, and Rita flying off into the sunset aboard a zombified dragon, presumably to continue their odyssey to Helheim. But a lot of uncertainty lies on that horizon. Azazel & Co. will be back on their tail before long, as will the Orleans Knights. Favaro has cast aside his career and agreed to face of with Kaisar, and still has a tail. Rita could zombify or eat the others at any time! (though that’s unlikely). And the angels are having a heckuva time keeping an awakening Bahamut at bay, which is an existential threat to the entire world.

But so soon after surviving the day by the skin of their teeth, I’m sure the crew isn’t particularly concerned about what may come tomorrow. Instead, they’re probably content to enjoy that sunset and that smooth ride of that Zombie Dragon, which I’m sure is the name of a band.


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4 thoughts on “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis – 05”

  1. 5 episodes in and i still cannot believe this is based off of a card game ^^; Makes you wonder what they could do with Solitaire or Old Maid, lol.
    I continue to be amazed at the range of expressions all the characters give. Instead of a general narrowing/widening of the eyes or a smile/frown, we get total distortions of their faces (i know that sounds weird but its early so bear with me). I’m actually thinking of using some footage from this show for my animation midterm.
    And dont even get me started on how much I love the opening. Has the full version come out yet?

  2. I would so totally watch an anime based off of Solitaire, Kendra. I have a feeling is the same co. made that, it would be friggin epic.
    I am also in wonder at how the characters can scrunch up and move their faces. And also the variety of races, hairstyles, body shapes, etc.
    I’m pretty sure the full opening hasn’t come out. I’d keep checking the SiM website cuz they’ll be sure to say when it’s available.
    I swear, this and Kiseijuu are the top anime of fall 2014 imho. Action packed, funny as hell, unique, and not full of fanservice (like some other animes I won’t mention). BTW, on a side note, I was very glad that when they were torturing Amira, they didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to have her clothes ripped off and barely concealing her naughty bits (again, like some other animes I won’t mention).

  3. According to a quick google search, the single will be released sometime this month:

    I am also looking forward to hearing the full song. I’m not usually one for the punk/screamo kinda scene but this song is just so damn catchy. Actually had it playing in my car yesterday and I dont remember the last time I headbanged to a song so hard.
    I quite agree with everyone’s general consensus of this anime. It’s got great music, vivid animation, fantastic action, a thrilling storyline, and not one disappointing episode yet. Also have to give major kudos to Parasyte for also having a pretty kickass opening and a great plot. Whereas last season, I was more into the happier/comedy animes like Barakamon and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, this season I’m leaning more into the action/horror genre.
    Also have to agree with Matt on one other thing. I’m glad SnBG is not resorting to pointless fanservice. They had so many opportunities where they could’ve done it, the most recent one was the one Matt mentioned but also the other episode where Amira got drunk and went swimming. Don’t know if it’s just me but so many anime this season just lost me with their excessive and unnecessary fanservice (Akame no Kill, Cross Ange, Madan no Ou to Vanadis, etc).

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