Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – 04


Our fourth taste of Parasyte starts off tense and gross, with A-san and Migi initiating a furious battle of fleshy, sharp-pointed protuberances as Shinichi struggles to see what’s going on. But Migi is only defending; it’s up to Shinichi to take that sharp chair leg and attack A-san.


That means walking through a constantly-moving forest of limbs and trusting that Migi won’t mess up and let him get torn to shreds. Once again, Shinichi, welcome to your new life: constantly in mortal danger, and having to make decisions you never thought you’d be faced with, like “It’s him or us.”


Migi’s plan works perfectly, exploting A-san’s arrogant assumption that Shinichi won’t participate in the battle. This is a guy who had sex, and yet still doesn’t understand that two are stronger than one; he’s a lost cause. Oh, and the blood spout Shinichi makes is super-gross!


It doesn’t kill him, though. Fortunately, Shinichi can walk away from this not only alive, but knowing he did not take a life. He just made that easier for Tamiya-sensei, who senses A-san coming for her, fills a lab with oxygen, and jumps out the window. The explosion finishes A-san off.


Then…things kinda settle down, though unfortunately, there’s no interaction between Shinichi and Satomi this week after he was very brusque with her last week. And funnily enough, Tamiya-sensei’s “quiet, normal life” experiment isn’t blown by her role in destroying A-san (though you’d think arson experts would have noticed organic remains in the destroyed lab). Nope, it’s blown by the fact she’s an unmarried pregnant woman!


Tamiya-sensei isn’t interested in trying to fix this mess; it’s easier to simply start over with a new host and “life.” To that end, she essentially tells Shinichi and Migi that the truce is over, and even reveals her weapon form, in another super-creepy transformation. It doesn’t look like our hero and his hand will get out of this one, but at the last second Tamiya reconsiders and spares their lives. Why? Not clear yet.


Then, one morning Shinichi wakes up missing his whole arm, and learns of a fresh terror: Migi can detach from him for a maximum of three minutes. Having a sentient hand is disconcerting enough, but knowing it can hop off whenever it wants for a morning walk? Even more unnerving. Stay attached to me, dammit!


Meanwhile, Tamiya-sensei’s mother visits her, worried sick, and almost instantly realizes that she’s not her Ryouko, but an impostor. When Mom tries to call the police, Tamiya is forced to kill her, but she’s surprised and vexed to no end: how did the old woman know?


See? The internet corrupts everyone! Anyway, Satomi first hinted at it by asking Shinichi if he was really Shinichi, then later switching hands with him, and then further reinforced by Shinichi’s mother’s increasing unease. It would seem people with strong emotional bonds, like love, in both Satomi and Shinichi’s mom’s case, seem to be able to sense their loved one isn’t themselves. Of course, Shinichi is still mostly himself, but still enough of something else that both of the main women in his life notice.


With circumstances being what they’ve been, Shinichi owes Migi his life several times over (even if in most cases Migi is the cause of the mortal peril to begin with); his alliance with the parasite in his hand hasn’t really been that big of an issue. The issue, besides not getting killed by other parasites, is a much heavier weight than Migi will ever be, and that’s the truth.

He chose not to reveal it to his parents, because let’s face it, as kind and loving as they are, they could very likely recoil and disown Shinichi on the spot. His mom is already suspicious of whether he’s even the same Shinichi she got burned with hot oil protecting. He can only conceal the truths for so long before the weight crushes him; it must be shared. Will Satomi be a different story?


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

8 thoughts on “Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – 04”

  1. After the initial show down with A-san, there wasn’t too much to like about this episode. Multiple flash backs? Wheel-spinning and lack of interaction between the characters? A show-down with Ryouko that hand-waves her reason to kill at the last second? This was a heavy let down from where we were last week long on plot and reveals, and shot on delivery.

    1. This time, Franklin, I’m inclined to agree with you, and revise my rating down. This one time (there will be other times). The reasons are simple, and we both noted them.

      I wasn’t all that bothered by the flashback of how his mom got the burn because it reinforced the fundamental difference between good humans like her and the parasytes, who’d have let that oil fly free!

      But I did had a problem with Ryouko suddenly stopping her attack (whatever I can suggest was the reason would be conjecture, not fully supported by the episode’s events).

      While I’m onboard with Shinichi becoming increasingly isolated because of his circumstances, the complete lack of interaction with Satomi and his classmates was disappointing.

      In hindsight, the show’s usual dark, lethal, slithering tone, established earlier in the fight with A-san, was somewhat undermined by those demerits. So 7 it is: good, but not very good.

      1. Of the four reviewers here, I think I enjoy your fights bests. Though I think that’s because my boyfriend and me thought you guys were dating for a while! #reviewcouplefight! 8^)

  2. I just wanted to say, this show has some excellent next episode previews. Not only do I like the hand-drawn, storyboard-like art that teases the next episode, but the MUSIC…so frikkin’ dark and sinister and evil. It’s the kind of music that seems to say “The good times are now OVER, now and for all time…if they ever existed in the first place.”

  3. I was freaking out for most of the final 5 minutes there. I aware I thought his parents were going to be killed in the taxi or elsewhere and he’d get an immediate ‘sorry dude they’re dead’ phone call from the police or Ryoko! Phwee!

    1. Actually… that scene may be one of the reasons why I came down on this episode? I was really waiting for something to happen to really force Shinichi to be alone and Ryoko seemed like a good way to do that. Hrm…

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