Amagi Brilliant Park – 04


From sun up to sun down, Seiya-kun is amazing. He knows the full day’s schedule without needing reminders, knows what he wants to do before his staff members even have a chance to bring up worries, and makes snap decisions when they need to be in order to keep things moving along.


Unfortunately, his great success only makes Izumi’s failure as acting manager for a year all the more painful for her. Worse, when Izumi ‘plays it calm’ and just threatens Moffle and the other costumed mascots with her gun instead of listening to them, Seiya has to step in and point our her inadequacies, which only makes her feel worse!


However, one of Seiya’s snap decisions comes back to bite the park in the butt, hard. In unusually strong rains, the flood prevention pumps give out because Seiya had the reserve pump, which was falling apart, shut down.

Not that he had much other choice, but ABP’s underground facilities are on the verge of overflow and they could lose a month to repairs and tons of money for all the merchandise, costumes, and materials.


As an Imperial Guard, Izumi is ready. Her command center is set up and communication lines are open. Staff is sent out with the firefighting equipment being repurposed as make-shift pumps and, where those can’t be spared, cast members are sent with buckets.

Izumi is sharp, precise and cold-hearted but this disaster brings out the best in her. More importantly, the cast sees it and all her fears about being hated melt away as the park is saved to carry on another day.


Amagi Brilliant Park week 4 dropped much of the previous three’s gags for a focused Seiya/Izumi focused emotional affair. We got to see both characters’ ticks and strengths and came out the other side with some growth and a few hints of the mystery plot too. Giving the skimpy-clad fairies more screen time helped keep it tokidoki too!


Over all, it was a pretty, exciting, early middle season episode. Conflict, character development, and success before a true adversary can raise its head — and It had my attention and admiration all the way through!