Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle – 03


It’s so weird. I could have sworn the trio had been to the ocean before, but now that I look back, they never actually had, and are legitimately awed and stoked to see and stand in it for the first time. I like stuff like this; it reminded me of a roommate from Hawaii who’d never seen snow before.

Akari really wants to see Tooru naked

We see, and learn of, many things this week, along with Chaika and the siblings. And like Chaika, the more we learn, the more we want to learn. At this point, there’s no satisfying her until she knows everything, and she thinks the island and Gaz’s fortune are the best way to get there. Tooru, well, doesn’t agree, like at all…more on that later.


First, the reason they’re at the seaside city is to pay a visit to the next hero on Claudia’s list, one Clay Morgan. All Akari knows at first is that he wields a spear. And to his credit, the man still wields it pretty well, considering how long he hangs in there against Tooru. I imagine long-reach foe would be annoying to a saboteur who likes close-quarters combat.


Clay is kind of a joke: unlike other heroes who either fought or challenged the Acuras, the mere sight of Chaika (he saw her head roll) sends Clay fleeing his tacky mansion in terror. When they finally pin the big guy down (Pro: Drydock Fight! Con: Boat not accidentally launched), he agrees to give them whatever they want if they promise never to show their faces near him again. I can’t say I can blame Clay; he obviously has a bit of PTSD, and when the guy you’re helping to kill merely stares at you smiling like your an insect, well, that’s a rough day right there.

Oh, those are your twin DAUGHTERS…(Sighs, very relieved)

While Morgan’s a relative pushover, their next target, Stephan Hartgen, has the makings of a villain with staying power. When we meet him, he’s sitting on a throne with two of his “daughters” who look just like Chaika, who both want very much to see what happens when all the remains are gathered, which is why he’s luring Chaikas to him via rumors. Is he an ally of Gaz? Does he want the remains for the power?

Whuuuuh? (left) and WHUUUUUH? (right) look on

Another clear sign this guy means serious business: he has two equally serious guys under his employ: one is from Acura and may well be Tooru and Akari’s big brother, who is looking forward to fighting them. The other is AAAAAUGH, a G-G-G-GHOST! J/K, it’s just Dark Albéric, who didn’t die in that Flying Castle attack after all. Or maybe he did die, and Hartgen brought him back to do his bidding.

“Alright, I’ll talk to her. JEEZ.”

Back to the Chaika Crew, Tooru is furious that Chaika ran off wihout Fredrica, and repeats his believe that going after secret islands and fortunes is a fool’s errand, and retrieving the remains should be the priority. But Chaika’s at the point where she’s learned too much to be patient. That knowledge is a splinter in the mind in the head that was supposedly separated from her body years ago. Even if she has to go alone, she’s going to the island, period. Miffed, Tooru takes her to mean she’s firing him, so he storms off, and Akari, his dutiful sister, follows.

Was totally expecting a fight…but not mad we didn’t get one

It was sad to see the happy family break up, even if the split was very temporary. Still, in her haste to find the island and answers, Chaika begs Fredrica to fly her to the island, which, in hindsight, should have been an option from the start, unless Tooru assumed Fredrica would refuse because she refuses to help all the time. This time, however, she smells a lark and agrees.

Not a fan of Fredrica’s Dragoon design, but it looks pretty cool from this angle, topped by a Gundo-wielding Chaika

Realizing what she did, Tooru and Akari hurry to chase her down, “borrowing” Morgan’s cargo ship for the journey. Red Chaika, David, and Selma stow aboard, but before a fight can break out, a freaking kraken wastes the boat, tossing them all in the sea. Not good! Then Fredrica has her wings sliced off and Chaika falls. Also Not Good! Things are getting very tense and hazardous in a hurry, which is a good thing, as there’s just seven more episodes. No one ever said learning everything was going to be easy!


Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – 03


I love that Shinichi Izumi-kun’s dad is more invested in the news about the next fantasy writer award winner being handed out than the 84th murder. To be fair, I can see how murder news in this quantity could get boring, but as a ‘Murican, I can’t imagine 84 serial murders achieving anything less than total, insane, frothy mouth panic in all my fellow countrymen (and ladies)!

However, Izumi-kun has more specific worries, in that he may be the only human to know the true nature of the murders. Worse, he may be the only human in a position to stop them…and he’s not in a position to stop them, what with being a teenager and all!


Worse worse, at least at first, is Izumi’s new school reality: his new math teacher Tamiya-sensei is clearly another Parasyte. This puts him on total edge, as she is also his love interest’s homeroom teacher and bloody antics could soon be afoot!

Fortunately, at least for now, Tamiya intends to blend into human society and maintain her host’s place in society. Migi thinks very highly of her for this. Rather, he thinks she is very gifted, to be able to control her host and maintain the status quo so effectively.


Unfortunately, A-san, a male Parasyte who seems incapable (or unwilling?) of even the most basic human fitting-in is not far off. According to Tamiya, she and A-san had sex and now she is pregnant with a completely normal human child.

This is not to say A-san is targeting her. Quite the opposite! He finds Migi and Izumi-kun dangerous and, as a base animal, he quickly loses it and launches an attack on the school.

A-san is not even his name. He doesn’t have one, since he see’s no point in even trying to blend into Human society…

After a lengthy, brutal, but low body count attack, A-san corners Migi and Izumi-kun on an upper floor. Except they aren’t exactly cornered. They’ve identified that the ture difference between them and him is not anything highfalutin.

It’s simply that they are two beings, and that as two beings, they can fight together, overwhelming a single one, no matter how strong he is alone.

We’ll just have to wait until next week to put that to the test…


Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu gave us another solid creep-fest this week. Migi is, as always, equal parts disgusting to look at and super-cute. Not only that, his self-centered detached reasoning reminds me of my old P.E. teacher. (talk about nightmares layered on nightmares!)

A whole new character will obviously outlive A-san here and now we have so many questions we didn’t even know we had to ask as of last week. Will Parasyte-sensei continue to observe Izumi-kun or attack him when the time is right? Does she really have an urge to blend in? Will she eat her own baby (Gross! – Ed.)? Will she even bring it to term? I can’t wait to find out!