Madan no Ou to Vanadis – 03

Titta does not like Tigre and Elen's present status. No she does not!
Titta does not like Tigre and Elen’s present status. No she does not!

I’ll admit, Lord Zion Thernardier is an irredeemably evil scoundrel, coward, and lowlife, rendering him rather generic and boring. The battle waged by Tigre and Elen’s forces on the Molsheim Plains to defend Alsace? That’s another story. Even if Zion’s existence was a chore, the episode that ended with his timely and welcome demise was well-orchestrated piece of fantasy warfare.

Alright Legolas, don't get cocky
Alright Legolas, don’t get cocky

This was a great battle, full of careful preparation and build-up but plenty of withheld information to make the specific unfolding of the battle a surprise. Elen’s army is only 900 against Zion’s 2,700, but if they maintain their kill ratio of 3-to-1 as they did in repelling the raid on Alsace, they shouldn’t have a problem. That ratio is made possible thanks to some clever tactics devised by Torn. Oh, and having his steward nearby to toss him fresh quivers – good to see the episode took logistics into account.


The movements of both armies are covered by an occasional cut to a strategic game board-like construct with CGI figures representing the units, and a well-informed narrator delivering the play-by-play. I actually really liked this method, as it not only satisfactorily explained what was going on in the action sequences, but split them up to avoid monotony.

van33b van33c

As soon as I saw those two dragons last week, I knew Elen would be facing off against one or both of them. She for one, wasn’t expecting a dragon, but as a War Maiden/Vanadis, she’s more than capable of dispatching one on her own, albeit by breaking out a heretofore rarely-used Rey Admos, which she doesn’t use on people.


“SIGH…Why do I have to work for this shitstain?”

Lima’s unit of knights retreats, luring Zion’s flying column of knights, whose horses trip over a great rope made from smaller ropes gathered from the townsfolk of Alsace. After the earth dragon falls and a force of 2,000 enemy cavalry appears on the horizon (with only 100 riders, but it’s dark and the ruse works), Zion orders his knights to retreat and challenges Tigre to a duel. Tigre, who has been taking out enemies three per loosing of his bow.


Zion initiates the duel believing his prowess at jousting will win the day over the lowly huntsman, but he doesn’t consider the fact that if enough arrows go to the same place in his thick shield, eventually a hole is going to be made – one that goes right through his arm. But as Tigres and Elen’s forces fight each other, Zion escapes on the flying dragon, abandoning his forces altogether.

We did it!

Tigre – and I – curse the fact Zion still isn’t dead (even if there’s a good chance he’ll succumb to infection), but then his bow starts to glow blue and talk to him in a gentle female voice, urging him to shoot the dragon. When he nocks, the bow borrows and merges with the power of Elen’s blade Arifar, and the arrow cleaves Zion’s dragon in two. Daddy’s gonna be pissed.

Halved ‘im!

So this was a fun battle with lots of cool tactics and ruses that a military tourist like myself can really get into. It also showed us just how much ass Elen can kick when she chooses to. I’m not opposed to seeing more battles like this, but it suffered a bit from a weak, boring enemy (Zion) whose defeat was a foregone conclusion. Also, he fell in a lake and still may not be dead, which would frankly suck. But still, well done this week, Vanadis!




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7 thoughts on “Madan no Ou to Vanadis – 03”

  1. Zion is dead and is also easily the worst characters by far but their goes my last hope of at least the battles getting adapted properly they even left out Zions use of counter tactics and the dragon laying waste to ellen’s troops also this certainly is not as one sided as they made it out to be in fact ellen’s army was on the brink for a time

  2. Hahaha! Glad to see that you liked it! The enemies will progressively become more complex and difficult as the series goes on. Hopefully they will all do a great job like they did this episode. Still worried though because this battle was simple enough to do in an episode but there are a few battles that are length and quite complex. Considering how the show is only 13 episodes, that’s going to be difficult.

    Or, we can just hope that suddenly they said that the show will be 2 seasons! Ah, I can hope…

  3. Wait… what? Goodness from the pacing, which was constantly starting and stopping, to the cutsey battle graphics that avoided drawing much of the battle, to the super-magic-attack that just deals with the dragon, to the ham fisted love triangle moment with Titta during the planning meeting, to the super magic attack out of nowhere that kills the second dragon, to the draggingly awful music that starts and stops jarringly all battle long, to the people just standing around twiddling their thumbs DURING AN EPIC BATTLE ugh! this was freaking terrible Pres! 6 would be gracious :(

    1. Oh lighten up, Frank! I enjoyed it immensely, and I reward episodes I enjoy accordingly. I explained thoroughly why I – I – liked the episode. I’m not here trying to sell it to skeptics. If you thought it was dreadful, that’s not my prob!

  4. I thought the battle was done ok, it’s obvious they don’t have a large budget but the way they used the chess pieces to explain the battle was well done and made it fairly easy to understand what was happening.

    The bow used ellens swords power it was obvious from the start that the bow was something different.

    So yup 8/10 is about right, so far I’d give the series a 7 or 8 of 10 so far.

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