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Trinity Seven gives us another week’s serving of Demon Lord Magic High School Harem genre. This time Arin is drawing Arata way too much attention though her constant staring and following him around school. When finally asked why, she explains that she must do this. He is probably the demon lord and she will probably become the demon lord’s wife. Eventually.

Then Lilith, Levi and the blonde student reporter girl are trapped with Arata in his room and they really have to pee!


A reasonably powerful barrier prevents them from opening the door or windows and Arata’s book (the Astil Codex) wants Arata to figure it out on his own. Unfortunately, with no training yet he doesn’t know what to look for and resorts to tricking Astil into revealing her secret instead.

Yeah… and the whole pee thing is kinda weird. I appreciate that something so ignored by adventure scenarios comes up but… ick? It gets overly sexualized here. At least, it does for my taste.


Some time after escaping the barrier, Arin uses her special magic to unleash Arata at full power, which starts to destroy the world. We learn a bit too much about magic while this is happening, and way too much about magical ethics and philosophy.

Whatever the intent, it comes across as a garbled, confusing mess. Ultimately Akio Fudou and Mira Yamana show up and, since Arata is alive in next week’s preview, presumably beat him up enough during the credits to turn off his powers but not kill him.


Trinity Seven seems… aware that it’s a harem piece and so does Arata. See, Arata plays the part and actively pokes fun at his sexual situation but, given his constant frown, I get the sense he’s less amused by it than perplexed and putting on a cool-guy front.

Still, if it weren’t for Arata’s flat delivery and his role-reversal when dealing with Arin, this should would be unwatchable. (Like Invaders became last season)


That was a lot of exposition and exploitation for one afternoon! T7 threw too many names and magic terms and laws about how magic works at me all at once and none of it really felt like it mattered.

T7 did deliver a few good jokes and has a funny sense of timing (and the banter between Arin and Arata remains great) but… ugh?

I’m leaving T7 in my TBD category and NOT giving it a higher mark than a 6. Take that for what you will.

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2 thoughts on “Trinity Seven – 02”

  1. Personally, I was hoping the “pee” scene in which you refer would continue for several episodes. I’m kidding. In fact, it’s not healthy to “hold it in,” an important tidbit Trinity Seven doesn’t seem to be interested in. Here are two things Lilith should have covered…

    – The average bladder can hold about 15 ounces of liquid
    – “Holding it in” can cause bacteria to grow in your bladder
    – Continued “holding” can stretch your bladder

    I like Arin, her character is the only thing I enjoyed this episode, even if what she does makes no sense. It does in a way though, doesn’t it?

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