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I took my second outing with Akatsuki no Yona this week and I will gladly admit it fared much better than my last. Given episode 2’s greater emphasis on backstory building and action over spoiled princess love monologues, this should be surprising though.

Still, Princess Yona deserves some credit here. Her show has clawed its way to something better than complete mediocrity and, based on it’s closing scene, looks like it will continue to climb slowly to a natural plateau of just-barely-watchable standards.


In a nutshell, Soo-Won’s betrayal last week was to avenge his father, who King Il had killed back in the fog of Soo-Won’s childhood. Whether or not King Il did, in fact kill his brother, and whatever his motives may have been if he did, Soo-Won is not entirely a reliable narrator here. (nor are his allies, who may have provided him with bad intel and come off as classic bad guys)

Regardless, it’s a mystery that I’m sure will tragically unfold over the next ten episodes — and it’s honestly an adequate one too — I just don’t have it in me to care for adequate this season.

yona2_5A little hong-kong action between exposition. Decent fight, actually.

Again, as we’d already seen last week, Huk shows up, saves the princess and gets filled in on the details. Then a servant sacrifices himself so the good guys can get away. Then we flash forward to the future of the present day that opened the first episode.

AnY’s story is remarkably slow, methodical in its goal to leave no question about it’s very simple events for the viewer, and repetitive. If not for the action sequences, which were nothing remarkable, watching this episode would have been terrible.

Some time in the future, Yona is joined by Princess Mononoke, for some reason.

Akatsuki no Yona is the soppy-but-one-day-strong princess Yin to Seven Deadly Sins’ obnoxious hero protecting a princess Yang. The yin is melodramatic high school filler with a degree more realism and grounded sense of style. The yang is an empty middle school romp through boobies and over the top style and fantasy setting.

Both shows feature a quest to gather a group of great warriors to aide the princess in her time of need. Neither is especially mature or technically complex in how it’s going about it. Neither is, at all nor in any way, worth watching this season, nor at any time unless you are under the age of 17.

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6 thoughts on “Akatsuki no Yona – 02”

  1. Idoit alert. Feel to drop it but you will MISS out on alot. This anime is potential AOTY quality. This is just one of those anime that takes a while to build up it’s world into something impressive. Dropping an anime at ONLY the 2nd episode for a 24 episode anime is purely retarded, you have barely even touched 1/8 of the content

    1. This is what my parents must have feel like when they told me to finish my vegetables, isn’t it? I’ve had 2 bites and I know I don’t like eggplant. The thrilling pay off of liking eggplant 24 bites later doesn’t seem any more appealing.

  2. I don’t know but I think you should watch it, just to keep pissing off everyone with your low review scores! Like, why are they watching this really?

  3. honestly i was pretty hyped for what would happen next after huk and the princess made it to the forest and then it jumped to the future where she had all these people fighting for her… would have been pretty epic if it actually showed the recruitment process of all those guys instead of blowing the load so quick. but i guess that’s just me not liking this dull show, comparing it to the epic cross ange and seirei no moribito, and wishing the story would unfold in a completely different direction :( i’ve watched too many good anime recently and my standards are just too high. the mediocre shows are blindingly dull in comparison

    1. i blame the background music/sounds for the lack of emotion in this anime. very boring music, or even worse no music, is being played in the background, even when action is supposed to be happening. it seems like the background music does not enhance what the viewer is seeing at all. its just there doing it’s own thing, regardless of what’s on the screen, like the visuals and audio of the show are two separate entities. this is very disappointing because audio can really change the overall emotion behind a scene. for example, angel beats having amazing background music that really carries the anime.

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