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Trinity Seven is not exactly an odd mashup of elements…it feels like we get a super-powered male transfer student to a magic school is identified as a demon lord with a harem angle almost every season these days. However, T7’s vibe feels just a hair different.

Maybe it’s the magic school, which reminds me of Occult Academy? Maybe it’s the absolutely bleak opening where Arata, our hero/demon lord, learns that his cousin and childhood friend Hijiri has been wiped away along with his home city by some sort of…black sun…thing?


Still, as hopeful as I am about T7’s darker spin on the Demon Lord Magic Harem genre, I’m hesitant to get invested. For one, the episode opens with boob-grabbing and continues with that level of objectification even after Arata learns about magic and remembers the not exactly death but like death of his cousin.

I mean, really? is now the time to be so self-assured and forward about liking boobs? It just disconnects me from the tension of the narrative.


Interestingly, Trinity Seven makes a reasonable explanation as to why more girls are mages than boys (and that they tend to be more powerful). Simply, magic is the study of a mage’s own mind and emotions.

Our hero finds this satisfying too and muses about being open with his true desires and feelings. Or he’s playing along, since he’s talking to a female student ninja who just implied that she’s rather good in bed.


As for the seven girls our Hero must harem…erh…defeat:

Lilith Asami, the first mage Arata meets, is you standard mild prude who’s put off by our hero’s nature but obviously already likes him. Levi Kazama is a ninja and has already implied she wants to sleep with him. We’ve only seen Akio Fudou and Mira Yamana through a window but they look like the big boobed tomboy and prickly academic, respectively.


Lastly is Arin Kannazuki… who Arata-kun meets in the boys bath. She’ll be playing the “doesn’t get it girl” archetype and also looks like Arata’s cousin Hijiri, which is weird and unexplained. Arin’s timing and interactions are the best of the bunch, as she actually takes Arata out of his comfort zone and doesn’t play into his hand.

Levi is also good, if only because her goal is more or less to tease everyone in the same way Arata does already.


On another note, Trinity Seven uses really dull and muddy colors. I’m not sure if this was due to a bad stream (it was fairly low-res, as you can see in my screen captures) but I did find it a little weird how much the characters blend into the backgrounds at school.


At the end of the day, T7 is about a teen guy who suddenly gets magical powers, who suddenly has to learn to use them to get his friend (and lover?) back from the void and the only way he can do that is to go to magic school and defeat the seven top magical students, who happen to also be girls.

As the headmaster says: “Magic allows for all possibilities.” So I’ll give it a Chance. T7 has good timing and a few charming characters but…all season long? You guys may have to give me some encouragement!

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